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15 Sustainable Pet Brands for Dog Lovers

Making living with our pets more sustainable, one paw at a time

We can all choose to buy pet products that are making full use of recycled or eco-friendly materials. There is an increasing choice of environmentally friendly alternatives so now it's up to us pet owners to change some of our daily habits and take a small step in the right direction.

Hemp Collective is a family-run business in the Byron Shire, dedicated to creating conscious, sustainable and ethical products, as well as lifting the stigma surrounding hemp. 

For the past few years, Australians have fallen in love with Hemp Collective’s organic hair and body care range and now, your four-legged friend can too!

At the start of 2021, Hemp Collective launched their Pet Balance Oil, Pet Balm and Pet Shampoo Bar, so your best friend can thrive from head to paw. 

There’s so much emerging research surrounding the benefits of hemp for our pets, including immune support, digestive support, healthy skin and coat, plus it contains the ideal ratio of Omega fatty acids.

Hemp requires minimal chemicals to grow, sucks in carbon and helps to replenish the soil. Hemp Collective have a sustainable and zero waste focus across all their products.

Use the promo code DOGLOVER15 and save 15% at checkout!

RRP: $15.95 (Pet Shampoo Bar); $12.95-$29.95 (Pet Balance Oil); $15.95 (Hemp Pet Balm) at

Animals in Charge Collars and Leads have just arrived at Habitat, and their team is already obsessed.

There’s a lot to love about Animals in Charge. Firstly, they’re a family-owned small business, based right here in Australia. 

Their thoughtfully designed range of collars and leads are individually crafted by hand using a blend of recycled, salvaged and natural materials to minimise impact on the planet.

And even better - $1 from the sale of every Animals in Charge product goes toward animal rescue and protection.

With a selection of sizes, colours and patterns to choose from, Animals in Charge has something for every dog. 

RRP: from $49.99. Browse the range online at Habitat Pet Supplies.

This spring, Doggy Eco brings together all of your favourite eco friendly toys and accessories into one incredible eco gift. 

The Eco Gift Set includes:
✔️ 2 high-quality eco-friendly dog toys
✔️ beeswax and organic cotton portable dog travel bowl
✔️ Doggy Eco original design dog collar
✔️ Doggy Eco multifunction dog leash
✔️ stylish hemp and organic cotton drying robe
✔️ laundry bag to keep your robe and toys always clean

All Doggy Eco products are Australian designed and made with natural or recycled materials empowering your dog to live sustainably. 

The Eco Gift Set is the perfect collection of eco-friendly toys and accessories tested to endure everyday adventures and comes beautifully packaged in a sustainable Doggy Eco gift box.

RRP: $179.95 at

Bohemi Handcrafted
's timeless hemp pet accessories are gentle on pets and gentle on the earth.

Their entire range of dog collars, leads, harnesses and bandanas is consciously handcrafted with both your dog's health and the environment in mind and is using only the highest quality HempLinen and Certified Organic Cotton, making them eco-friendly, non toxic and hypoallergenic.

Bohemi Handcrafted is proudly sustainable from start to finish even providing their own ‘worn out wears’ recycling program to assist in recycling or composting the pre loved pet wear.

5% of all sales is donated to Animal Rescue & Environmental Organisations fighting the good fight. 

RRP: from $18.00-$50.00 at

Australian dog accessories brand Outback Tails has collaborated with indigenous artist Keturah Zimran to design a colourful, bold range of dog beds and toys featuring her stunning artwork. 

Keturah used different colours and hues to depict how the puli puli rocks change colour with the weather, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Available in two different prints. the ‘Puli Puli Rocks’ collection includes rectangular and round dog beds, collars and leads as well as a range of adorable Australian animal dog toys like the platypus and stingray.

The vibrant colours really make a statement in pets’ sleeping areas. Dog toys are all stuffed with eco-friendly jute and double stitched for strength.

10% of every sale from the collection goes back to Keturah, who works out of the Ikuntji Arts Centre near Alice Springs.

RRP: $19.95 for toys; from $114.95 for rectangular beds at

Australian brand Frontier Pets' leading raw pet food is made from 100% free range meat and organic produce, making it the best organic pet food Australia has to offer.

Frontier Pet
s is 100% Australian made & owned and they ethically source all their ingredients directly from organic and free-range Australian farmers. 
Their vision is that we return to low-impact and organic farming – creating a better world as a result.

It’s simply healthy dog food, that’s good for your dog, animal welfare and the planet.

Choose from raw freeze-fried* recipes including grass-fed free-range beef, free-range chicken and ethically farmed pork plus natural dog treats. * 1kg of Frontier Pet Food will reconstitute to 4kg. Simply add water, stir and let the food stand for around 30 seconds. 

RRP: from $49.00 (3 x 300g trial pack with 3 recipes) at

TBH Pets are the creators of honest, plant-based sustainable dog snacks. 

Packed with protein from alternative, eco-friendly sources like certified organic cricket, hemp and seaweed, TBH's dog snacks were developed with a leading vet to ensure your dog's essential nutritional needs are met, and a certified master chef so your pup will love the taste.

TBH dog snacks are made right here in Australia using locally-sourced ingredients and certified USDA organic cricket. 
The snacks are slow-baked in a human bakery, HACCP certified and human grade  - though with no sugar, fats or preservatives in them, you might not love the taste as much as your pooch!

There 4 different delicious flavours, including two vegan varieties. All snacks come in 100% recyclable packaging.

RRP: $12.00 (100g) from

For almost two decades Dog Rocks have been allowing the seemingly impossible dream of green, urine patch free lawns for dog parents around the world. 

A paramagnetic rock, naturally forming and straight from the earth, Dog Rocks are chemical-free and 100% safe for use by all animals. 

A simple solution to a long time conundrum, placing the Dog Rocks in your dog’s water bowl causes an ion exchange where the excess nitrates, tin and ammonia found in drinking water then bond with the surface area of the rock. 

The removal of these impurities from the water make for no urine burn patches when your dog pees on the lawn, they also provide a purer source of water for your dog.

Dog Rocks is a completely natural product with sustainable packaging. A proud product of Australia.

RRP: $12.99 (200g) available from most vets, pet shops and garden centres in Australia.

smellBgonePLUS Stain & Odour Remover is a plant-based organic spray that will safely eliminate urine stains and odours.

Whether you have a new cat or dog or simply dealing with your pets habits, the range of smellBgone organic sprays will remove urine, faeces, vomit and even blood stains, leaving you with a safe, hygienic fresh smelling environment.

Vegan-friendly, certified organic and proudly Australian made, smellBgonePLUS is ideal for use on bedding, carpets, furniture, tiles, wood, paved surfaces, artificial turf even mattresses.

Available in 1, 2, 5 and 20lt. Save 10% using the promo code ADL10.

RRP: from $29.95 (1lt) at

Sustainably sourced from nature, Glyde Mobility Chews are a great tasting joint supplement product for dogs with three proven ingredients, that together provide a therapeutic dose to help relieve the signs of osteoarthritis.

✔️ Green Lipped Mussel - a clinically proven natural anti-inflammatory and natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, protein, glucosamine and chondroitin - is an environmentally sustainable resource from New Zealand.

✔️ Glucosamine HCI  - which increases protective joint fluid, reduces pain - is sustainably sourced from shellfish.

✔️ Chondroitin - which helps rebuild cartilage and improves joint function and mobility -  is sustainably sourced from the bovine industry and does not contain shark cartilage.

The heart-shaped chews are easy to break with dosing that is convenient for large and small breeds. 

RRP: $65.00 (60ct); $115 (120ct) from vets and online at

Sydney-based The Happy Jack Co. is there to help you get rid of those unwanted doggy smells!

Their Spritzer Colognes are safe to spray directly onto your dog (avoiding head and eyes) and are perfect for in-between baths. Containing all-natural and organic ingredients with soothing Aloe Vera gel and essential oils, these spritzers are safe to use daily.

They can be used as a deodoriser for bedding, clothing, your car and shared spaces. Ditch the Itch can be used as a cologne and also as a natural remedy that may assist with your dog's allergies to grasses, pollens etc.

Other fragrances: Bush Walkies, Minty Mutt and Zest for Life!

The company uses aluminium and glass containers that can be reused or recycled plus all their deliveries are carbon offset.

RRP: $19.95 (150ml) from

Starting as a Tea Tree plantation in Byron Bay, Oil Garden has become over the past 30 years one of the leading aromatherapy brands in Australia.

This year, Oil Garden released a Pooch Pamper Pack, which is the ideal way to use the healing benefits of pure essential oils safely on your dog. 

Just as Lavender and Geranium are known for their soothing and calming properties for humans, they can provide a restful space for your canine as well.

Oil Garden essential oils are 100% pure and natural, they use no artificial fragrances and are never tested on animals.
It is safe to spritz and diffuse with distance (please never spray directly towards your dog).

This Kit developed for dogs contains: Lavender (12mL), Geranium (12mL) and a Spritzer bottle.

RRP: $51.97 from

The EnsoPet Waste Composting System from Bokashi is an in-ground animal poo composting system which is environmentally friendly. 

The most popular method of collecting pet waste from parks, beaches, nature strips and footpaths is using plastic bags and disposing these into landfill. Composting pet waste with EnsoPet would successfully reduce tonnes of plastic bags and pet waste ending up in landfill.

The EnsoPet is a bottomless composter which is buried, leaving the lid exposed. The EnsoPet Starter mix uses bacteria and enzyme cultures to accelerate the composting rate of the animal waste. It’s easy to use by simply picking up stools with the tongs provided and placing them inside the system then sprinkling the EnsoPet Starter mix on top. 

RRP: $75.90 (Kit) from

If you are a new fur parent, Biogone has you sorted with a range of plastic smart products and doggo packs for when your fur baby arrives.
They have landfill-biodegradable dog waste bags made from 50% recycled plastic and home compostable dog poop bags made with plant-based material.

When your dog has done its business please pick it up with one of these bags and dispose in a general rubbish bin - no one likes to walk in poop!

Once disposed to landfill, biodegradation is accelerated faster than conventional poop waste bags, producing an organic matter (a natural fertiliser) and no microplastics.

Both Biogone dog poop bags will help you clean up your dog’s mess but won’t mess with the environment.

RRP: from $8.80-$10.50 (Mini Rolls Packs); from $22.69 (Doggo Packs). Shop the range at

Pure Souls Pet Aquacremation
 is an environmentally responsible enterprise leading the change in the pet cremation industry.

Inspired by nature and combining their love for pets with the best technology available, they provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pet cremation and burial. Water cremation is safe and gentle, providing a beautiful farewell with minimal environmental impact. 

As with traditional cremation, pet parents get their beloved pet ashes in their unique and stylish handcrafted urns. Made from renewable and biodegradable materials, their urns have been purposely designed to look beautiful anywhere in the house.

Pure Souls is changing the way we say goodbye to our loved pets, contributing to the cycle of life by supporting reforestation projects and moving away from fossil fuels for a greener future.

RRP: from $65 $85 (urns) at

When deciding to add a four-legged member to your family, please visit your local pound or rescue shelter first to find your purr-fect match? Not only will you help to reduce the huge problem of homeless dogs (and cats), but this will also have a lasting impact on the environment.

Ensuring your pets are desexed helps to control the growing population of dogs and cats and prevents more of them ending up euthanised in shelters.

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