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Black Hawk Launch Premium Jerky Dog Treats

Black Hawk®
, the number one natural dry dog food brand and pioneers of the Real Food Movement® for pets, is launching a new premium Jerky Treats Range for Dogs.

Packed full of nature’s goodness, you can rest assured these are treats you can feel good about.

With research
[1] confirming that more than half of pet parents put their dog’s health before their own, Black Hawk knows that when it comes to man’s best friend, Every Ingredient Matters®, especially at treat time.

Black Hawk pet nutritionists and veterinarians have teamed up with a rural Australian manufacturer of human-grade jerky snacks to create a new range of jerky treats for dogs. 

Sourcing our premium cuts of meat directly from the human food chain, this brings the same level of expertise and human-grade ingredients to the pet food market that we would expect for ourselves.

Black Hawk’s paddock to your best friend philosophy means each mouth-watering jerky morsel is made from the best hand-selected, responsibly sourced, human-grade ingredients, crafted with the health and vitality of your dog at heart. So, every pet parent can feel confident they’re giving their dog a delicious, tasty treat made from the same high-quality ingredients as Black Hawk pet food.

Ideal as a delicious treat or reward, the fresh meat used in the jerky treats means that just as with human food, the whole bag should be refrigerated after opening to keep the treats fresh, flavourful and full of natural goodness.

Aaron Chillingworth, Head of Marketing Masterpet, said, “At Black Hawk, Every Ingredient Matters, so we are passionate about ensuring this new range of treats are made from only the best human-grade meat, sourced directly from Aussie farmers and made with a team of experts.

We as a company always strive to support Australian farmers and producers, so it made sense to team up with a local rural manufacturer who already has the experience and access to the high- quality ingredients that our pets deserve. 

We are proud to have created these high-quality treats that are as real as we would eat ourselves and made right here in regional NSW.”

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $13.99 (100g) for Kangaroo, Beef or Chicken Jerky Sticks available at your local independent pet store, coming to major pet retailers soon.


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