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Geek Week 2021 Webinar - 13-17 November

Pet Professional Guild Australia to Co-Host Geek Week 2021

Second edition of virtual educational event for pet training and behaviour professionals worldwide takes place on November 13-17, 2021.

The Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA) is co-hosting Geek Week 2021, a virtual educational event for pet training and behaviour professionals across the globe. Taking place on November 13-17, 2021, PPGA joins sister organization, the US-based Pet Professional Guild, as well as the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) Australia, INTODogs UK, and the Pet Professional Guild British Isles (PPGBI) as hosts for the online event.

This year’s Geek Week will build on the success of the inaugural 2020 event and take on an expanded, more streamlined format. 

Special features at Geek Week 2021 include 24 hours of presentations each day, as well as two general sessions, chaired by an academic keynote speaker or skill expert. The schedule has been structured so it will be accessible to all time zones. Recordings of all sessions will be made available post-event for six months.

On days 2, 3, and 4, the general sessions will be supported by three educational tracks:
✔️ the Academic Track (The A Track)
✔️ the Behaviour Track (The B Track) and 
✔️ the Consulting Track (The C Track), that will run simultaneously a minimum of three hours apart. 

On days 1 and 5, the general sessions will be supported by several of the A, B and C tracks, a virtual cocktail party, panel discussions, and other fun activities.

In terms of structure, the A Track will be strictly science-based and academic in nature. It will feature national and international academics discussing their research or reviewing the current literature in their field. Each session will be scholarly in nature, breaking down a research subject, its data, findings, and recommendations.

The B Track will be a behaviour ‘how-to’ track featuring highly proficient, hands-on, mechanically skilled dog trainers who will provide a comprehensive understanding of how the presented skill should be trained and performed. Each presentation will include a breakdown of the task skills, the required criteria, the goals of the task, and the training steps to teach the skill, accompanied by explanatory videos. These sessions will provide attendees with a takeaway ‘how-to’ that they can implement what they have learned immediately into their businesses.

Finally, the C Track will cover consulting, marketing, and personal growth. The track is designed to support personal development and business skills and topics may be academic, operationally focused, or related to human resources.

The underlying theme of Geek Week 2021 is ‘The Love of Rescue’, whereby PPGA, along with its co-hosting organizations, will acknowledge and support the efforts and hard work animal shelter and rescue organizations make to help rehome and support animals in need. 

PPGA already sponsors the Pet Insurance Australia Companion Animal Rescue Awards, which is dedicated to celebrating the achievements of animal welfare organisations and, as a bonus this year, PPGA president, Barbara Hodel, a member of the judging panel, will be sponsoring a number of Geek Week tickets and webinars to further PPGA’s support of those committed to rescue work.

“With large parts of Australia in lockdown yet again because of COVID, it is a tough time for many professionals in the pet industry,” said Hodel.
 “COVID has changed the way education is delivered and has given Australians better access to high-quality presenters and educational events.”
This year's Geek Week brings together some of the most accomplished professionals and researchers in the industry on a worldwide scale, and gives us unique access to them via the live Q&A sessions. 

For me personally, the Academic track is the main drawcard as it allows trainers to connect with academia and gain insight into the latest research in animal behaviour and their emotions. Another highlight will be social events such as the virtual cocktail party, where we can connect with our colleagues, meet old friends and, hopefully, make some new ones, too.”
Early Bird Rate until August 30, 2021: Members $200.00; Public $250.00. 
Join the payment plan and make 4 monthly payments!

To learn more and to register, visit www.GeekWeek.Rocks

About Pet Professional Guild Australia

The Pet Professional Guild Australia is the sister organization to the Pet Professional Guild, a US-based 501(c)6 member organization founded on the principles of force-free training and pet care. Its membership represents pet industry professionals who are committed to force-free training, pet care philosophies, practices, and methods. Pet Professional Guild and Pet Professional Guild Australia members understand force-free to mean: no shock, no pain, no choke, no fear, no physical force, and no compulsion-based methods are employed to train or care for a pet.

MEDIA RELEASE, 2nd August 2021

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