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Emamaco creates pet hair-resistant leggings

Pet owners rejoice as Australian activewear brand accidentally create pet hair-proof leggings

Aussie brand Emamaco set out to create the softest leggings on the activewear market but accidentally created something life changing for pet owners - leggings that repel pet hair!

Emamaco didn't realise until their customers started contacting them in droves saying they’d found out that unlike their other leggings, Emamaco leggings stayed pet hair and fluff free.

Not only were dog and cat owners reaching out to the brand, but zookeepers, dog groomers, pet hotels and goat owners.

Can absolutely confirm pet hair doesn’t stick! I can leave the house in black leggings and not have to de-fur myself beforehand!” one happy customer said.

A fellow dog lover claimed, “I have 2 pairs of the maternity leggings and have 3 dogs and omg [sic] the best things I ever bought. I never have any hair stuck to me, it's great.”

“I have a Samoyed and I LOVE my Emamaco. Only thing I can wear that doesn't end up with hair stuck to it always”, a customer commented.

The design team at Emamaco had spent over 12 months testing, breaking and innovating different fabrics. And another 12 months engineering a high waistband that would never roll down.

Yet little did they know, all the time and effort they put into making their fabrics, they would end up fulfilling a pet owner's dream.

The fabric that was discovered to be pet hair repellent, is used in all Emamaco’s leggings, shorts, 3/4s, 7/8s, in all colours and styles - including their maternity range.

Emamaco embraced the outpour of questions from existing and new customers about the happy accident and are now setting out to prove their leggings are pet hair-proof for all types of animals.

After the news began trending on the brands social media, they asked customers to submit photos and videos showing their pets and hair-free leggings.

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For your chance to win a $300 Emamaco voucher, send the company your best fur family photos wearing your Emamaco leggings - bonus points for complete fluffballs!

You'll find details on how to enter here but be quick, it closes on August 15!

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: from $99.95 (Shaper Move Shorts); from $119.95 (Shaper Move Leggings) at

MEDIA RELEASE, 2nd August 2021

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