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How to Train your Dog Book by Jen Tate - March 16

Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world, and during lockdown, many people had the same idea: to adopt or welcome a dog into their lives.[1] Now, there are many new dog owners [2] who need advice and guidance on raising and training their new furry friend.

How to Train Your Dog by Jen and Ryan Tate is your solution and our March 2021 Dog Lovers Book Club's top pick! With almost 30 years of experience between them and their own dog-training business, Jen and Ryan are Australia’s most expert animal trainers who help dog owners develop happy and confident pets at any age.

Dog training is a well-studied science, and in their informative book they impart all their practical advice so you can feel prepared, stay in control and enjoy a great relationship with your new dog. It includes:

✔️ Choosing the right breed for you and your lifestyle
✔️ Preparing your home and the first 48 hours with your pup
✔️ House training and basic training
✔️ Socialisation and confidence building
✔️ Play, exercise, tricks and rewards
✔️ Resolving common behavioural issues related to separation anxiety such as barking, digging and chewing
✔️ Tips on how to raise an independent dog to suit your needs
✔️ Ongoing learning and fun for adult dogs

Accessible, well-organised and filled with evidence-based training techniques, this is the perfect handbook for creating a stress-free and enjoyable bond with your puppy or dog and ensuring they live their best life with you.

Available as Trade Paperback (288 pages), EBook & Audiobook
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia, Imprint: Ebury Australia, 16th March 2021

RRP: $32.99. To order your copy, visit

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About the authors

Ryan and Jen Tate are a unique couple whose passion for animals is central to their work and lives. 

Between them they have almost 30 years of experience as two of Australia’s most in-demand and respected dog and animal behaviourists, including several years at the famous Taronga Zoo

They hold a range of qualifications and their business, Tate Animal Training Enterprises, specialises in many areas of training from puppy preschool all the way to training for conservation and detection dogs. 

Jen and Ryan live in Port Macquarie with their three young children and several highly skilled and affectionate dogs.

1.  Australian search traffic for the phrase “adopt a dog” hit a new high in April 2020,   reaching around 50% of maximum traffic for the period compared to 2019 rates of 15%. 
2.  According to the 2019 report from Animal Medicines Australia, 70% of those aged 18-24 years old are pet owners (Gen Z), and 66% of those  aged 40-54 years are pet owners (Gen X). Over three-quarters of families with children aged 6 years or older are pet owners.      

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