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The Social Dog Company wraps up Doggie Donation Drive 2021

After two months of collecting new or slightly used dog items, 
The Social Dog Company has wrapped up its annual community Doggie Donation Drive.

Collecting 200 items throughout last year’s donation drive, Founder Tatum Brown wanted to exceed the 2019 collection setting a goal of 400 items for 2020. 

Tatum is pleased to announce that in collaboration with small businesses and the national Australian community, The Social Dog Company ended up collecting 467 items to gift to over five charities in Sydney.

This year, the charities included were:
Tatum Brown officially hands out
donations to Ellie from Penny Marathon

The Doggie Donation Drive mission each year is to bring the holiday spirit to dogs in need while supporting the incredible work rescue organisations do.

Each item donated can assist a charity differently.

✔️ for new toys and accessories, these items can be auctioned for financial assistance
✔️ bedding, towels and blankets are welcomed in the kennels whilst
✔️ food, flea, tick and worming treatments can be utilised by vet clinics in-house as well as foster families. 

Tatum says that they were overwhelmed by the generosity of the Australian community, receiving donated packages with handwritten notes via mail from interstate donors wanting to show their support.

When asked why she thought the Doggie Donation Drive was so popular, Tatum said ‘it was because people cannot always donate financially, so this was an alternative way to help a charity in need by simply donating unwanted items that in turn would go to waste. 

It’s a win, win situation’.

About The Social Dog Company

The Social Dog Company is a social enterprise whose events and activities support dog rescue organisations and provide a social environment for dog owners and dog lovers.

For more information, please visit
or on Instagram @thesocialdogcompany

MEDIA RELEASE, 12th January 2021

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