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Rascals Treats: Sustainable Dog Treats & Meal Booster

Rascals Treats offers a unique product range for dog treat customers that is Australian-made and owned. 

Rascals Treats are plant-based dog treats for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds; including those with allergies or underlying conditions. 

All of Rascals Treats products are low in fat, free from grains, nuts and preservatives, and are made with fresh and healthy human grade ingredients that provide dogs with protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants—satisfying both consumer and customer by rewarding their dog with something nutritious. 

“It took us over 18 months to research, design and test our treats, and we are really proud of the end product. We believe we fill a huge gap in the market and we are now dedicated to making our healthy, sustainable dog treats available to all dogs in Australia and internationally.” says Susie Hanns, one of Rascals Treats owning partners. 

Rascals Treats is a passionate company that is dedicated to producing ethical and environmentally friendly products, which is why they have chosen to package their products in certified home compostable packaging. 

“Our customers constantly provide us with positive feedback on our compostable packaging, which has been very rewarding. It took months of hard work to find a suitable compostable bag, but we were determined to stay true to our values and source the most environmentally friendly packaging solution for our treats.” says Clare Guest, an owning partner at Rascals Treats

Rascals Treats have a unique look, feel and smell, along with an eye catching ingredients list which includes fresh Australian produce like roasted pumpkin seasoned with herbs including fresh dill

The bright, vibrant and sweet smelling ingredients of Rascals Treats seems to have a positive influence on how dog owners engage with their dogs treats. “When we attend markets and provide samples to the dogs, we have actually had owners, stop and eat some themselves before giving them to their dogs. We never imagined this would happen!” 

“We have also had people walk over to our stall, look at our samples on display and think they are human biscuit snacks … Some people are pretty embarrassed when they realise.” says Ben Hanns, one of Rascals Treats owning partners.

Rascals Treats customers have also thought of new and innovative ways to use Top DogRascals Treats crunchy and colourful meal booster! They have been making amazing cakes for their rascals, dusted with Top Dog - just like sprinkles, only healthy.

Rascals Treats encourage you to take up the #topdogcake challenge by making a dog-friendly cake for your pup sprinkled with Top Dog

The Rascals Treats team includes four beloved dogs: Gilbert – German Shepherd cross, Harlow – Labrador cross, Morris – Old English Sheepdog and Ruby – Red Heeler. 

These dogs are very much a part of Rascals Treats business, and have inspired its packaging, which features true stories about their shenanigans. 

All of Rascals Treats products are taste tested by these four dogs, to ensure they meet high doggy standards. They take the role very seriously!
Being environmentally and sustainability focused is extremely important to Rascals Treats and is the focus of all business decisions.

“We are proud to say that we only send 0.018m3 of waste to landfill every three months! Our business also composts 100% of its organic waste. Some of our organic waste is sent to a number of community gardens. The rest is composted in our own compost bins at our premises. Our bins house some very healthy, overfed, and spoiled worms!” says Clare.

Introducing the Rascal Treats range:

Rascals Treats offer five different varieties of treats, and a meal booster that can be added to dogs meals to introduce healthy vegetables and fruits to dogs' diets. 

✔️  Pump it Up; contains fresh pumpkin, which is full of fibre and gentle on dogs stomach. It is also low in calories making it the perfect treat for more rotund dogs! 

✔️ On the Beet; contains fresh beetroot, which is full of antioxidants and is great for a lustrous coat. 

✔️ Date Night; contains dates, blueberries and bananas, and is more of a dessert style treat that is healthy and packed full of antioxidants and vitamins! 

✔️ Bitch Peas; contains green peas which are full of protein, fibre and vitamins. Combining the protein power of green peas and chickpeas, these treats are great for the more energetic dogs or to motivate dogs to get MOVING! 

✔️ Bark-B-Q Bites; Bark-B-Q Bites is a BBQ-inspired dog treat that features fresh carrot and capsicum

✔️ Top Dog; Top Dog granules are made up of fruits, vegetables, herbs and pulses to give dogs meals a nutritious and tasty boost.

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: from $10.90 (free postage for orders over $30) at 

NB: For customers purchasing their treats via the Rascals Treats online store, there is an option to customise your order. 

Rascals Treats are available at numerous stores around Australia and
 welcome trade enquiries and wholesale orders.


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