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Pooch Cakes: Dog Birthday Cakes & Treats

What would a dog birthday celebration be like without an amazing birthday cake?

This year, more than ever, our dogs have been such a support that we felt our twins Porthos and Aramis deserved a very special treat for their seventh birthday party over the week-end. 

We are terrible planners and usually have nothing organised in time so it was serendipity that Pooch Cakes reached out to us the week prior! 

This brand new Sydney-based bakery started out in April 2020, during the Covid-19 lockdown. We were immediately impressed by their amazing range of dog treats and birthday cakes, their professional approach and attention to details to help us select our favourite treats and stellar customer service!

Pooch Cakes treats: Carrot & Pumpkin Bones with Yoghurt Drizzle, Peanut Butter Pupcake, Baked (not fried!) Donuts

A little bit about Pooch Cakes

"Pooch Cakes began as I was researching and cooking gourmet food for one of our American Bullies who suffers from severe food allergies." explained Founder Monica Keo. "One thing led to the other and human-grade ingredients and superfoods soon became a staple in his diet. 

Then of course with Covid-19, I began baking dog treats and a birthday cake for my one-year old puppies, opting for real, wholesome and human-grade ingredients. My philosophy and approach to dog care is a holistic one where I believe in the importance of diet and exercise. 

All our Pooch Cakes products are done in small batches and hand-made and decorated to order.

The business also aims to be able to help rescue groups in a direct manner, which includes baking and donating dog treats and cakes to various groups such as Staffy Rescue, Pound Patrol's Auction Group and more recently Monika's Doggie Rescue (where we adopted our Malinois). 

Our Top Picks for the Twins' Birthday

Not being able to ask for our dogs' opinion, we hesitated (a lot) between the Funfetti Cake and the Red Velvet (with real berries and beetroot) as they both look equally stunning as a Birthday Cake.

Aramis & Porthos were very impressed by their cake!
We finally opted for a Funfetti Cake whose ingredients include coconut flour, rice flour, free range eggs, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic natural desiccated coconut, purified water, and natural food colouring (pink, yellow, purple and green) with a filling made of cream cheese, extra virgin coconut oil, tapioca starch.

As an extra special touch for their birthday, both our dogs' names were made out with small individual biscuits!

This Funfetti Cake is best stored in the refrigerator and simply taken out 30 mins prior to serving to your pooches to allow the cream cheese and sponge to soften. 

It can be kept for up to a week, though is best eaten within the first 1-3 days.

We also received a couple of packs of the Peanut Butter and Honey Bones with Yoghurt Drizzle which were absolute winners. 
These popular biscuits are made with wholewheat flour, free range eggs, natural peanut butter, honey, purified water, organic extra virgin coconut oil and the frosting is also completely natural : natural greek yoghurt, tapioca starch, natural food colouring (green, yellow, pink, purple), purified water, and honey.

All our dogs made a beeline for those so they disappeared early on during our photo shoot!

Unlike mass-produced dog treats, everything is baked fresh, in small batches with no added preservatives or sugars so your treats should be stored in the refrigerator or in a cool location with no direct sunlight or heat. 

The Pooch Cakes treats can keep up to 1-2 weeks for maximum freshness though it's unlikely any of them would last more than a couple of days in our house!
"Let them eat cake", especially on their birthday! 

Price and Where to Buy

RRP: $2.00-$4.00 for individual treats (macarons, donuts), $10.00 for treat packs (120g), 
from $35.00 for cakes.

Pooch Cakes selection: Tutti Fruitti, Donut Tower, Mini Red Velvet

If within a 10km radius in Sydney, the company can deliver or pick-up can be arranged for cakes on Saturdays. The entire baked biscuit treat range is available for postage Australia-wide. For delivery enquiries, costs, or party planning options, please email directly.

Discover a world of options at and follow them on Facebook at and Instagram at

Australian Cat Lover's Arya decided to gate crash the twins' birthday to smell and lick their Birthday cake!


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