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Why Pet Music Therapy Has Calming Benefits

Why music might be the key to keeping our pets happy once we go back to the office

While many of us are excited for life to return to normal, to head back to work and get our social lives back, the furry friends in our homes aren’t feeling quite the same. For the past few months we’ve been able to shower our pets with constant affection, an increased amount of walks and 24/7 company. 

Now, as we return to work, many of us are concerned with how our pets will cope with the sudden and drastic change.

During quarantine, many people have chosen to adopt new pets, bringing puppies and kittens into their homes while they have the time to love and train them. So now, our beloved pets are accustomed to this new lifestyle and for some lucky new pets, this is all they’ve ever known. 

As we start to see an end to social isolation in sight, many people are worrying about how they’ll cope when we’re not all at home everyday, and the separation anxiety they might feel.

So as the world slowly returns to normal and we’re allowed to leave our homes, pet insurance company Petsy has made Spotify playlists specifically designed to calm pets and help with their anxiety, ultimately helping ease the guilt we feel for leaving them at home. Whether it's Calming music for dogs, Rainforest ambience for dogs, or Soothing music for puppies and kittens, Petsy has you covered.

Here’s five reasons why you should be putting on a calming playlist for your pet when you go back to the office:

✔️ Separation anxiety can be reduced with music

Separation anxiety can be experienced by both dogs and cats, often manifested in mischievous behaviour such as whining, loud barking and acting out by destroying property. After situations like this global pandemic where our pets are used to having us home all the time, the separation anxiety they endure is often increased and feelings of abandonment rise. Music is proven to help reduce this stress felt by pets.

✔️ Music impacts pets similar to humans

Research conducted by Spotify found that in addition to relieving stress in pets, music can also boost their overall happiness and keep them company when we can’t be home. Similar to how humans feel, music can be extremely soothing and calming for pets, and gives a feeling of having someone else with us when we’re alone.

✔️ It can also help with sleep patterns

In a 2012 study researchers from Colorado State University monitored the behaviour of 117 kennelled dogs and played different types of music for them. They found that like humans, the dogs slept the most when listening to classical music and a lot of their body shaking, agitation and anxiety calmed down.

✔️ Music is a natural solution

Pet owners shouldn’t have to resort to complex solutions to keep their pets feeling calm and happy while at home. Putting on music is a natural way to help your pet that can be done without preparation and in almost any location.

✔️ There’s plenty of resources available

There are plenty of playlists online and with that much variety available, you are bound to find the right one for your pet. There are endless options on Spotify and Youtube with channels dedicated to collating soothing music for our furry friends. It's also a lot of fun to make your own.

MEDIA RELEASE, 2nd June 2020

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