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Petbarn & Animal Rescue Collective team up to offer pet care relief packages

Petbarn calling on Aussies to ‘re-fur’ a friend for pet care relief package

The Petbarn Foundation, together with the Animal Rescue Cooperative (ARC), are encouraging Aussies to nominate pet owners to receive an Act of Kindness pet care relief package.

The Act of Kindness initiative has been launched to support those experiencing hardship as a result of COVID-19 by providing a month’s worth of food to more than 3,000 pet parents to help them keep their pet dogs and cats healthy and happy.

The initiative is open to anyone that has been financially impacted by COVID-19 and the general public is invited to nominate a pet owner in their community, or themselves, to receive a pet care relief package by visiting:
George Wahby, Chief Executive Officer at Petbarn and Greencross Vets, said, “With many pet parents experiencing extreme pressure and uncertainty at the moment, it has never been more important to support our animal loving community. Pets have an extremely positive impact on a person’s mental health and wellbeing and are key companions to so many Australians. Act of Kindness is our way of supporting and protecting that special bond.”

With many Australians relying on their furry friends for companionship more than ever, the Act of Kindness initiative will provide a helping-hand to those who need it most.

Scott Charters, Chairperson of the Petbarn Foundation, said, “We’re calling on Aussies to nominate a friend, or a member of their community, who is having a hard time to receive a pet care relief package and make a big difference to their day. We’re also encouraging self-nomination - we want to help as many people as possible with this initiative!”

With everyone’s situation unique, the initiative also gives senders the option to send a pet care relief package anonymously. It is hoped that this option will provide reassurance to those that may otherwise be too afraid to ask for help.

Each pet care relief package will be hand-delivered and includes a bag of premium pet food and other essential items including fleas, ticks and worm treatment, litter, a toy and a treat.

Kelly Eaton, Project Manager at Animal Rescue Cooperative said: “Throughout COVID, we have been partnering with The Petbarn Foundation to help animal rescue centres receive much needed supplies, and now we are helping individuals who need a bit of extra support too. The idea of referring someone you know really helps drive that community spirit of pulling together and supporting one another through these uncertain times.”

The Petbarn Foundation, in coordination with Animal Rescue Cooperative, will distribute packages through a Nationwide Network which operates a triage system to ensure the care packages reach those who need it most.

About The Petbarn Foundation:

Founded in 2012, The Petbarn Foundation has raised over $13.2m to support animal welfare groups and rescue organisations throughout Australia. $700k worth of services, pet food and supplies has been pledged to help people and pets in the community that have been affected by COVID19.

All Greencross Companies support the Petbarn Foundation and its initiatives. For more information, visit:

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