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Dogs for Kids turns to children for help naming latest puppy recruits

Naming a puppy isn’t an easy job…are they a Betty or a Bob or a Sparky or a Mac? So imagine how hard it is to name a whole litter! 

Dogs for Kids, a not-for-profit organisation based in Frankston that trains Assistance and Therapy dogs for children, came up with a novel idea to help name their latest litter that had been born during COVID-19 home isolation. This is usually done alphabetically but Dogs for Kids Founder Katie Hunter had a better idea. 

With the implementation of home schooling, Dogs for Kids decided to make naming their litter of seven pups a fun learning experience by asking their social media followers to undertake a research project and submit name choices that gave recognition to people/organisations who had played an important role in a pandemic or changed/influenced the outcome of a past pandemic. 

“We thought it would be a great way to get the kids engaged with the process of naming this next generation of puppies while also giving them a fun project to undertake”, explained Katie. “The idea was the children would have to research some candidates who fit the criteria of having made an impact during a pandemic and give a short explanation as to why they’d been chosen. It was great fun to read some of the names and what they’d done”. 

After much consideration, the following ‘winners’ were recently introduced: 

· Floss, named after Florence Nightingale, one of the founders of modern nursing.
· Louis, named after Louis Pasteur, a French biologist, microbiologist and chemist.
· Jenner, named after Edward Jenner who discovered the vaccine for smallpox.
· Snow, named after John Snow, a physician and leader in medical hygiene.
· June, named after June Almeida, the virologist who identified the first human coronavirus.
· Red, named after the Red Cross, an organisation that throughout history has provided medical care and support in so many ways.
· And then there’s Bach, who breaks with the ‘pandemic’ theme because he’s a sponsored pup and his name was perfectly chosen by his sponsors, Southern Peninsula Removals and Storage.

Dogs for Kids can’t wait to follow these seven new additions as they make their way through the program and potentially grow to change a child’s life in so many wonderful ways. 

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Media Release, 10th June 2020

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