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First Coles Local in NSW offers Pick-and-Mix Treats Bar for Dogs

Young woman holds up a Maltese Shih Tzu dog closer to Doggy Treats Bar at Coles Local Rose Bay
First Coles Local Pick-and-Mix Treats Bar in NSW has opened in Sydney's Rose Bay

The first of Coles’ new look local neighbourhood supermarkets has arrived in Sydney as the doors officially open to Coles Local Rose Bay. 

The store marks a new era for supermarket shopping in Sydney, with never-before-seen features including a pick-and-mix treats bar just for dogs, a macaron, mini gelato and Japanese mochi ice cream parlour, a self-serve coffee and orange juice station, and one of the largest plant-based ranges of any Coles supermarket in New South Wales.

The store’s pick-and-mix selection of tasty doggy treats will be the first in New South Wales, so customers can spoil their pampered pooches with a bespoke blend of canine snacks.

Voted as one of the top 30 food retail stores worldwide to visit in 2020 [1], Coles Local supermarkets offer the community a tailored in-store experience, partnering with local butchers, bakers and cafes to offer a bespoke range of high-quality foods designed to meet the needs of local residents.

Coles conducted wide research into the Rose Bay community, finding they are more than twice as likely to choose premium, high quality products than the average Australian shopper, and overwhelmingly value fresh and healthy solutions at mealtimes. They are also typically aged between 25 – 44 and don’t have kids.

Young woman kneels down to feed a treat to a Maltese Shih Tzu dog at Coles Rose Bay
Lisa Clark with her dog at Coles' new dog treats pick and mix bar. Picture (and lead image): Richard Dobson / Coles

“This is our first Coles Local supermarket to open in Sydney. The store has been carefully designed with cutting edge sustainability features and local partnerships with neighbourhood bakers, butchers and producers.”

Coles Local Rose Bay will champion sustainability, with team member uniforms made from 65 per cent recycled bottles, trolleys made partly from recycled plastic and free reclaimed customer carry boxes as an alternative to bags. A zero edible food waste policy also means that any unsold food that cannot be donated to food rescue organisation SecondBite will be diverted to green energy generation.

[1] IGD Retail Analysis, 2019

MEDIA RELEASE, 20th May 2020

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