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Animal shelter offers kerb-side pet drop off for vet visits

There are a load of very depressing news out there but this is not one of them...

Sadly, the Second Chance Animal Rescue shelter has closed for the foreseeable future with all their animals being looked after by foster carers (they are still available for adoption by appointment and you can view their profiles at 

They remain on a mission to continue rescuing animals, due to be euthanised from other pounds and shelters in Victoria, through their supportive network of foster carers. 

In these very strange times Second Chance Animal Rescue has created an inventive way to hopefully stay afloat during this crisis. They bring you the kerb-side pet drop off!

Luckily, vets are classified as an essential service and the vet surgery at SCAR Community Animal Hospital in Craigieburn (Victoria) is still open for business!

Clients simply let them know they’re coming and then hand over their dog or cat through the window of their car (after observing government protocols and having answered a series of questions via phone to ensure they aren’t exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms and haven’t been overseas recently).

Their animal is then taken into the hospital where the vet consult is carried out over the phone whilst the client is still in the car.

'So many people in our community are pet owners and during these uncertain times they are worried about their pets wellbeing too. " says 
Marisa, CEO and founder of Second Chance.  

We'll be open to ensure their animals are looked after in a safe environment whether they need a check up, microchipping, vaccinations, de-sexing or emegency care. She goes on to say 'If we can make sure pets remain happy, healthy and at home, we're doing our jobs.'

We are also keeping our Outreach Program open on a case by case basis, where we offer low cost vet care and free pet food from our food bank for those in our community doing it tough.'

You'll find more details on the kerb-side drop off at:

For information on the Food bank, please visit:

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