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12 Egg-cellent Ideas for a Dog-Friendly Easter

If you celebrate Easter, your dog probably gets just as excited about this holiday as anyone else, simply because they love to have all their people around! Our dog-friendly outings may be cancelled until further notice but we can still have fun at home this year.

With only two weeks to go, here are a few things you can do plus some fun Easter themed accessories from small Aussie businesses to get your paws on to have a great day.

Organising a Doggy Easter Egg Hunt can be a great way to include your pet. You can put treats in the yard and even an extra boiled egg (without the shell!).

Easter baskets are a long-standing tradition so this year why not make your dog his own special basket and fill it with dog-friendly food and treats and a new toy.
Here are some suggestions to make 2020 memorable for the right reason...

  • Do not use plastic Easter eggs to hide treats (they're fine for photo shoots if you keep your dogs under supervision). Your dog will not be able to smell them and if they do, the plastic can break and harm them.
  • If you have kids, do your dog hunt first to ensure your dog does not pick up chocolate left from children!
  • Follow your dog to make sure they get all the treats.

Veggie Paws strives to produce healthy dog treats with all the decadent flavours that we humans enjoy!

Handcrafted exclusively for Veggie Paws by Adelaide’s favourite chocolatier, the Cheeky Chocolate Queen, each of these Carob Eggs is hand wrapped in brightly coloured foil and contains dairy-free, no-added-sugar, dog friendly carob.

Each chocolate is a half Easter egg shape and weighs approximately 25-30g.

RRP: $1.95/piece from 

How about some Hot Cross Buns (Apple Cinnamon) for your pooch this Easter? These paw-shaped biscuits taste just like an apple and cinnamon hot cross bun. Woofalicious! 

Best of all, these treats are free from added sugar, salt, colours and preservatives and come in a recyclable box.

Each box (150g) contains approximately 25-30 biscuits (approx. 3cm wide).

RRP: $12.95 (free shipping on all orders over $59) at 

If you're stuck on Easter gift ideas for your furry friends, look no further. 
These gorgeous Easter dog treats from Golden BARKery are sure to impress. 

Each box includes 12 homemade Honey & Vanilla dog biscuits, 6 which are beautifully decorated with dog-friendly icing with colours derived from fruits and vegetables. 
Delicious and nutritious! 

The compact size of the treats makes for a perfect Easter puppy gift, beautifully presented in a 13cm gift box. 

RRP: $15.00 at

These Easter Gourmet Dog Treats by Huds and Toke are so super cheeky and cute... Why should your best mate miss out? 

Each packet includes 1 x Easter Egg Cookie, 1 x Easter Bunny Cookie, 1 x Carrot Cookie, all beautifully hand decorated! 

Designed specifically for dogs and 100% Australian made with a tasty nutty crunchy base and then frosted with a no sugar yogurt frosting to make it extra tasty. 

Suitable for all dogs, these hard cookies are designed to be devoured slowly - depending on your dog of course! 

RRP: $7.95 at 

Everyone knows chocolate and dogs don’t mix …

The new range of Easter Eggs and Bunnies for dogs by Pooch Treats is made from ingredients that are totally safe for dogs to eat, so your best friend doesn’t have to miss out on all the fun.

Established in 2007 and based in Brunswick, Melbourne, Pooch Treats make the fanciest treats for dogs around. They’re the perfect way to let your pooch know they’re one of the family.

Made in Australia from carob and other natural ingredients, this small Easter Bunny is presented in a cute gift box.

RRP: $5.99 at 

And now for a different kind of hunt and no your dog can't eat those eggs! 

The PetSafe Ricochet Electronic Dog Toys are a set of two interactive egg-shaped dog toys that will create endless fun for your pooch.

Once turned on, these toys will pair together automatically to create a digital squeak sound that ‘jumps’ from one toy to the other, to stimulate your dog’s hunting instinct.

The moving squeak provides a fun puzzle for your dog, as the sound is never where he expects it.

The toys have a range of up to 30 feet  (9 metres). As your dog gets used to the game you can increase stimulation by hiding one of the toys behind furniture or in a nearby room.

RRP: $79.99 at

Available in Blue for boys or Pink for girls, these Bunny Rabbit Dog Costumes from Melbourne-based More Than Paws are great for Easter dress-ups! 

Your Easter egg search may be restricted to the backyard but you can still snap up some awesome pics of your dogs to share with your family and friends on the day. 

These costumes are soft and made from lightweight material with faux fur around the hood and legs.

Available in sizes from XS to XL.

RRP: $36.95 at

If you're starting to feel the chill in the air in the mornings, then so is your dog! 

Possibly one of the cutest things we've seen this year, these Easter Bloom Tees are handmade in South East Melbourne by Lollie-Lou Pet Accessories. They are super soft, breathable and stretchy for extra comfort.

These Raglan tees are made from 95% Cotton, 5% Lycra and unlined.

Available in 4 sizes (to suit dog back lengths from 29cm-42cm)

RRP: $44.95 at

If your dog does not like wearing a T-shirt, then why not pick a dog bandana to mark the occasion?

This Every Bunny Loves Me reversible snap bandana by Lollie-Lou Pet Accessories is super cute.

The Snap Bandanas come in 5 sizes from XS (up to 30cm neck size) to XL (60-74cm neck size) so there’s one for pets of all shapes and sizes.

Each bandana has 4 snaps to adjust size to suit your pet.

Please note that $2 from every order in 2020 will be donated to Mini's Bulldog Rescue Club.
With Easter just around the corner, use code HOPTOIT and save 40% off!

RRP: $18.00 at

These Easter themed Dog T-Shirts by Total Hound are available in three fun colourful designs.

Made from 100% cotton, they will suit the small to medium size dog breeds.

You can choose from 4 sizes (XS to L, with a maximum back length of 36cm).

RRP: $15.00-$18.00 at

This Reversible Bunny Dog Bandana by Mak and Co. Australia is designed for active dogs.

Handmade in Australia using a high quality fabric and designs from Japan, this 
design will fit medium to large dogs (one size fits all, up to a 63.5cm neck size).

Use clip on button for large breeds and roll up the bandana and tie a knot for medium sized dogs. For smaller dogs and cats, there's also a miniature version with colourful pom poms!

RRP: $25.00 at the 
Mak and Co. Australia Etsy shop

Transform your pet into another species with these cute animal bonnets from Petwear House, based in Surfers Paradise.

These irresistible animal bonnets are available in small (neck size 26-28cm) and medium (neck size 27-34cm) so will suit the smaller dog breeds.

Choose from Easter themed Pink Bunny or Yellow Chick (other styles available).

RRP: $6.95-$7.95 (standard shipping/handling only $2.00 in Australia) at

If you need to inject some fun into your Easter plans this year, online store Doggytopia has lots of ideas to chase the blues away!

Get into the spirit with some cute fluffy Bunny Ears for your doggy! The fabric Ears are attached to an adjustable headband. They come in 2 sizes, perfect for your Easter photos.

Treat your doggy to a fun munchable Carrot or Rabbit Rope Toy! Both are great for pups who are teething or those who like to chew, play tug or fetch. They’re eco-friendly as made from cotton/hemp and naturally fray to act as dental floss.

L’Barkery packed all the goodness of a Puppicino Eggnog in an Easter cookie so each is a probiotic serve.

RRP: from $6.95 at

Self-isolating and bored? Why not learn how to bake some yummy treats for your pets?

This creative recipe book by Tanya Arnold celebrates the dogs in our lives. It also includes a collection of stunning portraits of dogs captured by award-winning photographer, Sonya Perks, celebrating special occasions and everyday life.

Made with the finest nourishing ingredients, this book provides a way for you to celebrate your furry friends in a delicious and nutritious way.

All recipes were developed using only organic and natural ingredients such as organic beef and chicken, organic extra virgin coconut oil, raw organic vegetables, organic coconut flour, organic free-range eggs, and much more. You will find recipes for cookies, macarons, sundaes, pies, gingerbread, christmas pudding, pupcakes etc. and of course Easter eggs recipes!

RRP: $39.95 from

20% of profits of Pupcakes: Honour the Divine Dog are donated to Animal Rescue and Advocacy Organisations.

Easter Safety Tips for Pets

#1. Do not feed your pets toxic foods and drinks including chocolate, caffeine or alcohol. Don’t forget to remind your children and guests.

#2. Keep chocolate out of reach and avoid hiding Easter eggs close to the ground if your dog or cat is on the prowl!

#3. Keep your pet away from Easter lilies - especially cats - which are highly poisonous and can even cause severe kidney failure.

#4. Keep your pet away from Easter grass – the fake grass that often accompanies Easter baskets – as when ingested it can become anchored around the base of the tongue or stomach, often requiring expensive abdominal surgery.

#5. Easter ornaments, while they aren't technically a food, can also pose a health hazard. Always keep an eye on your pets around the Easter decorations and try placing pet-alluring d├ęcor in high places, safely out of reach.

Keep Your Dogs Safe this Easter - tips courtesy of Veterinarian Dr. Rodney Sharpin, PETstock.

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