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Learn Pet First Aid to save your pet in an emergency

Pet owners, do the social distance & learn new skills to save your pet in an emergency

As the country is socially distancing, as we all do our bit to flatten the curve, many are looking for useful ways to spend our extra time at home. 

Pet lovers can gain new skills to save their pet before they reach the vet, as this month Red Cross First Aid offers a new online course teaching essential cat and dog first aid basics.

Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world [1] with almost two-thirds of households having at least one pet at home. Two in three families with a cat or dog consider their furry friends part of the family [2], but how many have the skills to help in a medical emergency?   
Dr Philip H Brain, a small animal medicine specialist with 30 years of experience, working at the Sydney Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH) says, “You never know when or where your beloved pet might need you to deliver first aid.

“The Red Cross Pet First Aid course will help you deal with injuries, help prevent illness and could save the life of your pet whilst you seek veterinary attention.”

Animal lovers Cheryl Bond and her family live in Sydney’s northern beaches and they share their property with six horses, chickens, three dogs and a cat. 
She says the online course would have helped her read the signs better when her dog of 16 years passed away this year. 

“When my dog Sara crashed in the middle of the night, I was on google typing ‘how fast should my dog breathe’, and even if I could measure it, I had no idea of a normal breathing range, and you naturally panic in the middle of an emergency event.  

“If I had of done the online course, it would have empowered me to know the signs, as you can’t always call a vet at 3am.

“The course was extremely useful. You learn things like the difference between a breathing and panting rant, and the appropriate heart rates for different sized pets, and the best ways to apply a chest compression depending on your breed of dog,” Cheryl says.

Take an online Pet First Aid course.

To take an online Pet First Aid course simply go

You can buy one of the Pet First Aid Kits there too. The course costs $35.00 or you can add a kit and bundle the two together for $69.95.

Australian Red Cross is a trusted provider of first aid, delivering first aid and mental health training through nationally recognised courses.


[1] & [2] Animal Medicines Australia (2019) Pet Ownership in Australia 2019 (accessed on Oct 23, 2019)

MEDIA RELEASE, 26th March 2020

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