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The Social Dog Company's first Christmas Doggie Donation Drive a wagging success!

In the lead up to Christmas, The Social Dog Company made a special delivery in the spirit of Christmas to those less fortunate at the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home by gifting over 200 donated Christmas presents to their shelter dogs! 

Their mission was to bring holiday cheer to shelter dogs through the generosity of the local community. We know pets with homes are often showered with gifts, treats, and cuddles for Christmas, and the organisers believe that shelter animals deserve a little holiday love, too!

Through their first ever Christmas Doggie Donation Drive, The Social Dog Company collected over 200 items in just two weeks from their local and online dog-loving community, including Sydney Instagram dog influencer @coco_the_peekapoo and her mum Alina who showed their support by asked their Christmas pawty attendees to bring along upcycled dog items.

Alina was excited to be a part of this first Doggie Donation Drive, as Coco is constantly receiving gifts throughout the year from businesses. She says that ‘it’s just not practical for her to wear, eat or use them all so why not donate the unused goods’.

Others from the dog-loving community donated because their dog had passed away, and they no longer needed their belated dog's belongings such as bowls, beds, toys, and food.

Given that so many of the items are new, The Social Dog Company individually wrapped a generous amount of the donated presents so that the shelter dogs can enjoy playfully unwrapping them, making it a fun experience for both the dogs and also their carers, who often feel defeated this time of year due to the overwhelming amount of dogs being left without a home this holiday season. 

Photography Credit (all): Love Tails - Pet Photography

About The Social Dog Company

The Social Dog Company is a social enterprise whose events and activities support dog rescue organisations and provide a social environment for dog owners and lovers.

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