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Fun Ideas for a Dog-Friendly Australia Day

We all have our own unique way of celebrating Australia Day with our dogs. Decking the house in green and gold, flying the national flag, throwing a barbie for friends, relaxing at the beach or a local park, attending local events ... No doubt you will have your own tradition!

Our pack is an integral part of the family so regardless of the weather, they will be included in all the festivities. We hope some of these suggestions will help keep your dogs safe and entertained this Australia Day. 

If you're planning to dress up from head to toe in blue-red-white or green & gold on Australia Day, your pets can now find a swanky matching outfit!

Sydney-based Swanky Paws has designed a special Australia Day Collection this year with options including dog bandanas, bow ties, a singlet and even a customisable dress for the fanciest pooches!

Choose from 3 different Aussie designs for the dog bandanas, all reversible and featuring the flag. The Australian flag bow ties come in 2 styles: Regular and Sailor Bow Tie.

The unisex singlet is a comfortable open sleeve design with a Velcro fitting at the front showing off the Australian colours in style. 
Lastly, the dress is the pride and joy of this collection showing off Australia Day in true fashion. The customisable back is where you can add your favourite Aussie saying or your pup's name!

RRP: Sailor Bow from $16; Dog Bandana from $14.00; Singlet from $70; Dress from $89 at

Please note that Swanky Paws has also designed a dog bandana where 100% of profits will be donated to support our firies and koala-themed bowties with 100% of profits supporting our wildlife affected by the recent bushfires.

The Wallaby-themed Rugby jumper by More Than Paws is a very versatile option which can also be worn to support our team for any international game!

The Purebred Aussie shirt by More than Paws comes in seven sizes to suit all sizes from puppies / toy breeds up to German Shepherds / Labradors.

RRP: from $26.95 at

Whilst many of our canine friends don't mind getting dressed up, others don’t like it and can get distressed so take your cues from your dog's body language...

Some Safety Precautions:
  • Small pieces of costumes and items of clothing including buttons, plastic and zips are all choking hazards.
  • Australian flags around the neck must be loose so that they don’t restrict your dog's breathing.
  • Avoid using face paints or glitter on your dog's face: they could cause irritation if they come into contact with their eyes/skin or an upset stomach if swallowed.

Australia is known for its great barbecue culture and it is a great way to spend a relaxing time with family and friends. Our dogs will be right there with us amongst the action! 

This has nothing to do with all these delicious smells coming from the BBQ… Those aromas will get them drooling and overwhelm them so much, that they totally forget about safety  - a bit like us, really! 
  • BBQ food often has a lot of seasonings including garlic, salt and onion, which are all toxic to dogs. Keep people food and drinks out of reach at all times and tell your guests not to feed your pets
Read our article for a comprehensive list of foods toxic to dogs.
  • With visitors coming and going, it’s a good idea to supervise your dogs and check regularly on them. Be sure that all gates and doors are closed securely when someone is entering and leaving.
  • Do not leave dogs alone with potential hazards. The smells of your hot BBQ plate, juicy kebabs and plastic plates may be tempting enough to warrant a good sniff and some licks but they are also a potential danger!

Vegemite sangas, juicy snags, lamingtons and pavlovas may be your foods of choice on Australia Day but none of these should ever pass your dogs' lips! The salt and sugar content in these foods will not sit well in their stomachs and ingredients like onions and chocolate can be deadly.

Why not offer your canine friends their own themed dog treats, cakes and drinks to enjoy? 

A natural healthy choice could be these Laila and Me Raw Roo Treats, one of the varieties added to their new freeze-dried range.

These treats (suitable for both dogs and cats) are Australian-made, single ingredient protein, grain-free and only use human-grade export-grade quality meat.

Kangaroo is a premium Australian game meat which is both hypoallergenic and low in fat.

RRP: $16.99 at

These Sausage Sizzle Aussie Chompers are a much healthier option than sharing your own sausages with your dog(s) so try to ignore their pleas! 

These limited edition dog treats by Brisbane-based Jojo & Lola's Gourmet Chompers contain 100% human grade beef mince, sausages and "no added sugar" BBQ sauce.

RRP: $7.00 (pack of 5) at

If your dogs (and cats) love their treats, here's another great option for you from Sydney-based FurFresh!

These delicious Barkaroo healthy treats are made with 100% human grade sustainable Kangaroo Fillets.

The kangaroo fillets are thinly sliced and sprinkled with organic parsley. They are then slowly air-dried to retain optimal nutrients and flavour.

These are best stored in the fridge or freezer as they’re preservative and additive free!

RRP: from $12.00
 (75g) at

These 100% Australian Organic Lamb Liver Bites from Promise Pet Treats are sourced from the Riverina, prime lamb country of NSW. 

Organic and grain-free, these are healthy and tasty rewards for dogs of all sizes. 

These handcrafted artisan pet treats are high in protein, iron and fibre and 100% made in Australia.

"Serve lamb on Australia Day, you know it makes sense!"

RRP: $14.95 at

Your dogs can celebrate Australia Day right with these limited edition dog treats by Huds & Toke.

You can choose from their Aussie Large Dog Bone Cookie or Aussie Doggie Mix Cookies (pack of 4).

These treats are low in fat, have no added sugar and are guaranteed to have a no melt frosting. 

All of Huds & Toke baked products are handmade in Australia and designed specifically for animals.

RRP: $8.99

Dogs love the all-natural beef flavours of this Paw Blonde Doggie Beer by L’Barkery with the addition of Glucosamine for healthy joints. 

It comes in a powdered form so all you need to do is add 250 - 300 ml of lukewarm water, shake well and serve!

Conner loves his dog beer chilled to watch the Australian Open tennis final but you could also serve it frozen as an icy treat on hot days or sprinkled on top of food.

RRP: $5.95 (single serve) from

Planning to spend a relaxing Australia Day at the beach or at home splashing by the pool
Our furkids are just like toddlers and must be supervised at all times when they are around water. Some dogs may be natural born swimmers whereas others are not!

 an eye on your dogs the whole time, especially if they are getting old, are weak swimmers or suffer from a particular health condition. To keep these dogs safe whilst boating or by the pool, consider using a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) or buying a pool ramp.

Dogs may also try to drink pool water, which could contain salt or chlorine, so ensure that they always have access to a constant supply of fresh drinking water (both indoors / outdoors) especially on very hot days to avoid possible heat stress.

There are plenty of dog-friendly beaches and parks that allow you to bring your dog but don't forget to provide him with a safe spot to rest and bring some toys for their entertainment.

The ROGZ Flying Object is one of the best dog frisbees out there with unrivalled design features. 

The RFO floats which is perfect for a game of aqua fetch, provided your furry pal knows how to swim. 

Revolutionary space holes ensure that the RFO flies in a steady flight path, the envy of any airline pilot! It's also easy to pick up. 
Even older dogs will get lucky as the bath sponge / bubble gum material makes it perfectly comfortable for mouth-catching without knocking out your canine's canines.

RRP: $21.99 from

When out and about, always ensure your dog is wearing a Pet ID Tag with his name and your mobile number. Is it time for a new tag?

Red Dingo pet tags are the highest quality tags available on the market. Constructed of solid stainless steel, with a durable enamel design, these tags will never rust or corrode.

All Red Dingo tags have a Lifetime Guarantee and are supplied with a strong, rustproof stainless steel Split Ring for attaching to your pet's collar. 
Your text (max.  3 lines) is engraved in upper case only.

This Australian Flag Pet Tag is available in 3 sizes: 20mm, 30mm and 38mm.

RRP: from $17.50 at

Give your best mate the comfort they deserve with the Adventure Kings Folding Pet Bed!
This tough, steel-framed dog bed is hard-wearing and easy to clean. It comes in its own carry bag for easy transport, and packs up to roughly the same size as a sleeping bag.

This pet bed is weight rated to 50kg as the six-leg design makes it sturdy even for large breeds. Being lower to the ground than many other camping dog beds, this makes it easier for older dogs to use.

RRP: $39.95 from

Keep your dog occupied with a new cuddly companion like this cute Tasmanian Devil plush toy with squeaker.

PETstock Assist has released a range of endangered species plush toys (8 in total) featuring animals that are at risk of extinction like the Tasmanian Devil - which is being wiped out by a rare cancer called Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD).

100% of the profits go towards supporting PETstock Assist projects that help pets and families in need.

RRP: $14.99 from

Kezza the Kangaroo by Outback Tails is a tough little Aussie marsupial, which has been stuffed with a recycled water bottle for fun, crunchy sounds then wrapped with natural wool. 

Other toys include Shazza the Great White SharkKevin the KoalaSteve the Crocodile and Wazza the Wombat.

A great non-toxic, strong and eco-friendly chew toy for your best friend to enjoy. Made from seven layers of strong, sustainable jute fibre with a built-in squeaker, this unique range of little Australian fellas has been designed with love for your dog to play with.

RRP: $17.95 - $19.95 from

It will be a busy day just about anywhere so there are a few precautions to take:

✔️ Make sure you take enough poo bags for the whole day. Not only is it horrible for other people and gives all of us dog owners a bad reputation, but leaving behind piles on the beach can get you an on-the-spot fine.
✔️ You may dutifully slip, slap and slop when you're out in the sun. But what about your dog’s skin? Apply dog sunscreen (especially to dogs with pale skin) to ensure it isn’t damaged by the sun’s UV rays.
✔️ Take plenty of drinking water along for your pooches. 

If you don’t supply them with fresh water, some dogs will try and drink from stagnant puddles or the ocean, which is very unhealthy for them! 

You'll find lots of suggestions in our Top 17 Dog Cooling Products for Summer 2020.

Plenty of fireworks will go off around Australia that night and whilst enjoyable for some of us, they can be very stressful and frightening for our dogs.

Many dogs suffer from noise phobia: they will react exactly the same way when confronted with thunderstorms so much of the same advice applies.

1. Ensure your dog's identification is up-to-date in case they escape from your home in fright.
2. Try and take them for some vigorous exercise earlier in the day! Go for a long walk or a game of fetch or chase at your local offleash park. After a good romp in the park, they are more likely to react calmly during the fireworks...
3. Keep your dogs safe indoors with access to fresh water and why not keep the radio or TV on to drown out all the loud noises?

Our pack wishes you all a safe and happy Australia Day 2020!

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