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Laila and Me - Freeze-dried Raw Treats & Hemp Seed Oil

Melbourne-based Laila and Me are leading the way in pet nutrition and healthy pet treats with the recent addition of a hemp seed oil supplement and freeze-dried raw treats to their range. 

The brand was inspired by Laila the French Bulldog after she started suffering from skin allergies.

1. Freeze Dried Raw Treats 

The Laila and Me freeze-dried range consists of four new products. 
All are Australian-made, single ingredient protein, grain-free and only use human-grade / export-grade quality meat.  

Raw Wild Boar Treats
* Exotic novel protein
* Nutrient dense
* Organic free range meat

Raw Roo Treats 
* Hypoallergenic
* Low in fat
* Premium Australian game meat

Raw Chicken Heart Treats
* Rich in Taurine 
* Nutrient dense
* Premium Australian poultry

Raw Beef Bites
* High in protein
* Rich in iron

The benefits of freeze-drying include: 

✔️ All of the nutrients are retained in their original state and not damaged through heat.
NB: dehydrating may impact the nutritional value of some foods by degrading nutrients.
✔️ It does not affect the flavour or texture of the food - unlike almost all other preservation methods. 
✔️ Freeze dried food has a shelf like of up to 20 years, when stored at a wide range of temperatures. 
✔️ Reducing around 99% of the moisture in food, creating an unlikely environment for bacteria and mould to grow. 

RRP: from $13.99 at 

2. Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs 

The Laila and Me Cold Pressed Hemp Oil is made from 100% Australian hemp seeds and truly is a modern day superfood for dogs. 

Hemp oil is a rare plant-based source of Omega 3s, which contains the perfect 1:3 ratio of anti-inflammatory Omega 3 and heart healthy Omega 6

RRP: $15.95 (120ml) at 

How is this even good for my dog? 

It contains all ten essential amino acids and is an excellent source of Vitamin E. This, combined with its high levels of beneficial fatty acids, means that hemp oil may provide your pet with relief from skin conditions, anxiety, inflammation and digestive complaints, whilst boosting the overall health of their immune system. 

This oil is cold pressed from Australian hemp seeds that are sustainably grownmeaning all the beneficial nutrients are retained and not lost due to heat treatment.

If you're a little confused about the difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil and its benefits, you will find more detailed information here.

MEDIA RELEASE, 10th December 2019

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