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Velvet Alabaster Plant-based Pet Fragrances

We always come across some unique dog products when we visit the Sydney Dog Lovers Show and this year was no exception!

Launched in 2019 Velvet Alabaster is a new pet brand based on the Gold Coast of Australia, supported by 30 years of experience in biodegradable chemical manufacturing. 

These pet fragrances boast a natural blend of high quality French fine fragrance oils and plant based ingredients. All products are free from heavy metals, harsh toxic chemicals, artificial colouring or preservatives, only reaching the shelves after undergoing rigorous laboratory tests.

The company believes that all animals should be treated like family members and rewarded for their loyalty. Velvet Alabaster offers you the opportunity to pamper your pooches by giving them a unique paw-sonality choosing from two fine pet fragrances: Black Velvet or Pink Velvet.

Bathing your dog too frequently will remove the natural protective oils from their coat and can be harmful for their skin, causing it to become sensitive and dry. Hazardous environmental factors as well as bacteria and yeast infections are more likely to occur, adversely affecting their health.

Unless advised by a vet, you should not bathe your dog more than once per week. Unfortunately, this is often not enough to prevent unpleasant dog odours, which can pop up quite quickly, even hours after a bath.

Looking at these issues further, Velvet Alabaster developed their very own formula, titled VA Shield*, created to specifically target dogs' bad BO with safety as a top priority. Applied straight after their bath - and as often as needed - it gives your pets a sophisticated scent and a unique identity of their own.

Both fragrances use the highest quality biodegradable ingredients - ensuring they're also safe for the environment - with a blend specifically formulated using VA shield*. Not only providing a captivating fragrance, but also targeting malodorous scents long after bath time is over.

Velvet Alabaster have their own in-house chemist, consistently ensuring safety measures are taken in the development of their pet fragrances. 

It is a known fact that dogs can be repelled by certain scents deemed unpleasant to them however pleasant smells can benefit your dog’s overall behaviour and well-being. 

#1. Black Velvet

This high quality fragrance blend takes you on a walk through the fresh green vegetation of the forest. A re-energising aroma, characterising strength, agility, speed and boldness. 

Fusing the scent of vibrant green leaves and lemon as an opening. The core composition focuses on juicy apples to charge the senses and a comforting scent with fresh and aromatic mid notes. Rich cedar and dry wood rounds off the scent for a deep and charismatic finish.

Black Velvet is packaged in a stunning 50ml matte jet black finish glass bottle with a classy gold top.

#2. Pink Velvet

This quality fragrance travels back to a floral mountain forest, opening with fresh aromas of rich, fruity blend of juicy passion fruit mixed with sparkling notes of wild red apples. The heart fuses the scents of red, pink and yellow rose and musk giving a sweet and inviting candied aromatic base note.

Pink Velvet is packaged in a stunning 50ml matte rose pink finish glass bottle with a classy gold top. 

With one spritz from the fragrance bottle, these enhanced scents will last for a good 8 hours and have been reported to fight bad doggy smells for up to three days!

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $59.90 (50ml) from

To become a stockist, please send an email to

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