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2019 Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

What is the best present for the dog lover in your life? Between birthdays, Christmas and Father's Day, it is difficult to come up with something original each and every time!

Whether he is sporty, a techy, an avid wanderer, loves fashion and home design or you're after something a bit personal, here are some of the latest and most unique gift ideas to help you celebrate Father's Day this Sunday 1st September 2019.

If you love going on long hikes but your pooch gets tired, here's the perfect solution! The K9 Sport Sack™ URBAN is the ultimate pet carrier backpack combining form and function!

While the popular AIR and AIR PLUS designs cater to the great outdoors, the URBAN was created in response to the host of fashionable dog owners that wanted that "just-stepped-out-of-a-catalogue" look. 

You will find the same great features that make the K9 Sport Sack™ so popular but this look is all about style! If you want to look dog-gone good with your best friend, the URBAN is for you. The K9 Sport Sack will safely carry any dog up to 14kgs and comes in either Small or Medium.

RRP: $130.00 (Light Grey or Olive Green) at

The Ruffwear Trail Runner System is a hands-free hip belt and leash system that allows easy access and carrying of essentials for walking, running and hiking.

The Trail Runner Belt includes a zippered water-resistant pocket, a stretch mesh pocket and a BPA-free Ruffwear water bottle that fits securely in a holster on the back.

While the belt is compatible with any leash, this system includes the shock-absorbing Ridgeline Leash, designed at a length that’s optimised for running or walking.

The Trail Runner Belt offers humans a comfortable, bounce-free, load-dispersing design with an intuitive leash attachment release for quick disconnect when needed.

Available in a Granite Grey/Blue Dusk colour.

RRP: $129.95 from

For the dedicated dog walker in your life, this is not your average poop bag holder or waste bag dispenser! No, this is the world's first Dog Parent Pouch made with stunning vegan leather and featuring multiple pockets to separate your poop bags from all your bits and bobs!

Designed to hang fashionably from a matching Pupstyle Dog Leash, your poop bags are easily accessible from the smart slot in the front, whilst your keys, treats, money and valuables sit comfortably in the top pocket, secured by velcro so you can be sure they won't fall out.

Lastly, your smart phone sits flat in the back pocket without risk of being scratched and for easy access via the back zip when you spot a sudden Insta pic opportunity!

Also available in Black, Grey, Navy Blue and Blush Pink.

RRP: $37.95

The Swedish- designed Variocrate brings a new dimension of safety to car travel with your pet. Australia's only crash-tested pet travel cage, this product has passed rigorous European crash testing for front, rear and side collision.

Available from Black Hound, there are 14 adjustable sizes to suit most SUV's, 4WDs, Station Wagons and Utilities. They are constructed from powder-coated steel and modifications to your car are not required.

Crates are available in either single or double berth configurations, with the divider in the double berth removable to create one extra large space should you need it.

Also available is the Variogate, a pre-fabricated, adjustable and removable gate which allows you to turn your entire boot space into a secure dog area. All products are quick and easy to install. No tools required.

RRP: from $1,050 at

For the dog dad who takes his bestie on all his outings, a Travel Mat is a must-have! 

The Mat Fosser by Labbvenn is a practical bedding solution in the form of a portable mat which ensures comfort and relaxation for a dog in any place. This simple solution works well both at home and outside, during walks and trips. 

Labbvenn products are made in Poland, using the highest quality materials and craftmanship.  The quilted structure combined with natural leather create an excellent comfort zone for your dog. 

This travel mat measures 110cm x 70cm and is available in Nut and Anthracite

RRP: $169

Whether you're trying to get your pet’s weight under control or need to monitor their eating habits for medical reasons, this new pet tech gadget is a game changer! 

The SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder Connect monitors how much and when a pet eats, sending real-time updates directly to the pet owner’s phone. 
This new product also features integrated scales, which enable owners to provide accurate food portions to their pet at every meal. You can set the portion size and type of food to be served, for up to two types of food (e.g. wet and dry). 

Because each Feeder only works with each pet’s unique microchip, no more food theft between pets! The SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder is perfect for both small dogs and cats. 

RRP: $229 for the SureFeed® Pet Feeder; $119 for the Surecare Pet Hub (can be purchased separately) from 

If grooming the dog ends up being Dad’s job, here’s a way to make it easier for him! The Salty Dog All in One Clipper Kit is housed in a sturdy aluminium case to protect your clipper kit and keep everything in place so no more stray bits.

Built for Australian conditions as the business is owned and operated from New South Wales.

The high-powered, two-speed, 45 watt dog clipper can clip any breed. The Kit also includes one standard #10 Blade (most commonly used for grooming), 4 snap-on plastic combs, nail clipper, fine comb, dematting comb, large brush, oil flask, cleaning brush, professional salon quality scissors and a detailed manual.

You can buy additional blades, all quality Japanese carbon steel blades that will stay sharper for longer. This Kit comes with a two-year repair or replacement warranty for peace of mind.

RRP: $199 (free shipping) at


For the active dog dad who takes his best mate on walks or runs and wants to keep track of his dog’s fitness. 

The Aussie-designed Furry Legs Pet Fitness Tracker clips directly onto your pet’s collar & syncs with your smart device. It is easy to use and offers the same functionalities of a human fitness tracker.

You can read your pet’s data directly from an LED screen by cycling through the different settings. Using the app, you can easily compare weekly and monthly activity statistics to pick up on vital warning signs if your pet is sick or unwell. 

It’s also the world’s first digital dog/cat pet tag so if your pet goes missing, anyone can get in touch with you quickly. 

RRP: $89.95 at

Designer Ollie Parke was looking for a new challenge that would renew his creative spark and make use of his hands. After a lot of pondering, prototyping and sourcing the right materials, 'The Little Dane' was born.

Dapperhound's 'The Little Dane' is a one-of-a-kind handmade house for small dogs (and cats) inspired by the clean, minimalist style of Scandinavian furniture. It is meticulously crafted to last in this era of mass-produced, disposable goods.
With versatile options for dual use in the home, such as a bedside table or side table next to the lounge, it is designed to enhance and complement your home d├ęcor.

It is built with real American oak timber veneer on birch hardwood ply and coated with an attractive, hard wearing satin finish. It comes with an easily removable ramp to suit dogs of different ages & temperament.

Also included is a high-density foam cushion covered with a comfortable weatherproof canvas as well as a LED touch-light.

RRP: $890 (includes express road shipping Australia wide) at

You will no longer have to hide the dog’s bowls when guests come over because your pooch’s accessories can become a statement piece for your home. 

The Houndztooth Marble Dog Bowl is Australian-designed and made using White Carrara Marble with grey veins. 

This timeless beautiful bowl is finished with a water proofing sealant, and not only does it look sleek, it will also help keep your best friend’s water cool.

The sturdy design will stop even the nosiest pups from pushing the bowl around and spilling water or food everywhere, minimising the mess in your home.

As marble is a natural stone, each bowl comes with its own natural finish and colours making them as unique as your beloved companion.

Houndztooth Marble Dog Bowls are available in three generous sizes, small and large enough to suit all breeds.

RRP: from $115.00 at 

Are you looking for a personalised and original gift that will last a lifetime?

A beautifully hand painted custom pet portrait from Opal Pastro Art will take pride of place in your home. The artist’s aim in each and every portrait, is to capture your pet’s unique personality, as well as creating a great physical likeness that you can immediately recognise. 

Sadly, our pets never live long enough. Custom pet portraits become even more cherished when your pet is no longer with you. The artist works not only from your photos but also the description of your pet’s personality to create a painting that you will absolutely love.

All artworks are 100% hand painted using high quality acid free materials and come with hanging hardware. Just unwrap and hang on the wall for years of enjoyment.

RRP: from $175 (gift vouchers also available) at

Caniche & Co. offers classic leather dog collars and leads made from recycled leather by 
artisan Gemma Garrity.
The brand was inspired by her passion for helping worthy charitable causes and of course her beloved dogs Rosie and Jax after whom the venture is named - ‘Caniche’ is French for Poodle. 

All collars and leads are completely handcrafted using recycled leather belts, sourced from local charitable opportunity shops.

Leather is a fantastic natural fibre from which to craft many things and by thrifting secondhand belts, Caniche & Co. is helping to reduce waste without compromising on traditional style. 

To make a collar, the belt is carefully chosen for its quality and unprocessed nature, it is then trimmed to size, edges are fully bevelled, burnished and finished in an English bridle style. Every piece is stitched by hand, using the saddle-stitch method, with premium waxed thread to combat water, sweat and residue. This gift would be one of a kind!

RRP: $58.00 from

Does your pooch think they own Dad’s bed? Then this 'Dog Side, My Side' quilt cover set is perfect to show off your love for them!
The classic black and white colour scheme of this quilt set will suit any bedroom decor. With adorable paw prints going up the side of the quilt and a dog silhouette with "dog side" in the middle. If you were in any doubt, you will know your place in the bed with "my side" on a black background!

The quilt cover set consists of 1 quilt cover and 2 pillowcases. Made from super soft and breathable 100% microfiber polyester the quilt cover has a concealed zip to keep the doona in place.

Available in Single, Double, Queen or King Size.

RRP: from $119.95 (free shipping) from

The new “Ignore my Dog” clothing line was designed by NZ dog trainer Lewis Nicholls and dog behaviourist Hannah Sadgrove.

Prompted by a discussion about reactive dogs and how much easier it would all be if passers-by would just ignore them, they were inspired to spread information regarding what appropriate interaction with dogs looks like. 

They have come up with a range of Tees, Hoodies and Bandanas for both men and women with funny (but true!) slogans to drive their educational message through.

All Men Staple Tees are regular fit, crew neck and made from 100% combed cotton. You can choose from 4 slogans, each available in a range of colours.
This is a pair of quirky personalised socks with a bit of a difference and the ultimate Father's Day gift from the Dog!

We all know that socks are always a favourite gift. This Father's Day, here's a special pair designed to be given as a gift from the dog to their Daddy, chief walker or Gramps... and a promise to try really hard not to chew, rip, eat or bury this particular pair of socks.

Dogs are notorious for finding lots of fun from laundry and socks in particular - this pair is a lovely way to celebrate our cheeky pups and get them to give something back.

With a fab and fashionable black and white print and paw print design they are on trend, distinctive and a twist on the traditional sock! This product is individually printed with a name of the recipient and his dog. 

RRP: $38.60 (free shipping) at

Every Man and His Dog is a glorious documentation of the relationship between Aussie blokes and their canine besties.

Since Indigenous Australians first shared their lives with dingoes thousands of years ago, dogs have been part of the fabric of everyday life in Australia. In Every Man and His Dog David Darcy explores this timeless bond between man and dog. Travelling around Australia, from the coast to the Outback, David photographed blokes from all walks of life as they talked about their dogs-from tough working dogs to pampered family pets.

The result is a funny, moving and unforgettable tribute to man's best friend. 

David Darcy, one of Australia's leading author-photographers, has been capturing environmental portraits of dogs in Australia and abroad for over a decade. David is the best-selling author-photographer of Australian Mongrel and five other books, and a keen supporter of Vets Beyond Borders, the RSPCA and AMRRIC

Hardcover, 156 pages
Publisher: Murdoch Books, December 2013

RRP: $29.95 from

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