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Dog Lovers Book Club - August 2019

Sit back and relax browsing our latest Dog Lovers Book Club selection with some reading suggestions for Father's Day plus some educational and entertaining titles for the younger dog lovers.

Confessions of a New York Dog Walker
by Michael Brandow

Pounding the pavements of downtown Manhattan for twenty years and always on the move, a gnarly, scruffy-faced dog walker took time at the end of each day to keep a journal. 

Emptying his pockets of notes hastily scrawled on scraps of paper, matchbook covers, napkins, Chinese menus, leaves—whatever he could grab to record fleeting impressions while in transit—slowly he transcribed every detail, compiling this delightful tale about the dogs of average New Yorkers, the rich and famous, or just plain rich. 

Woven with endearing accounts of the antics of his canine wards, this meandering stroll is as much about their humans. A voyeuristic look into the private lives of clients, an urban navigation manual, a playful social critique—all is exposed from this unique sidewalk perspective. 

A walk-and-tell story. The Nanny Diaries of a New York dog walker.

Paperback, 202 pages
Independently published, 15th May 2019

RRP: US$22.37 from 

by Patricia Blocker

Communicating with and understanding dogs builds trusting relationships, and relieves frustration and improves lives on both ends of the leash. 

Apart from simply reading canine body language, Letting in the Dog explores the juncture between hearts and minds where true understanding begins. It takes a light-hearted, yet earnest approach to exploring how to connect with dogs. 

Each chapter features amusing, thought-provoking anecdotes and illustrations that show us how dogs are our teachers, and how, by connecting with them, we learn how to connect with ourselves. 
This book helps us find the intersection between the academic and the spiritual for better communication with dogs.

It's about having an eff
ective two-way conversation; it shows us how to talk with our dogs instead of talking at them. The intuitive side of communicating with canines in conjunction with the intellectual side is also investigated: in this space, we build trust, respect, and better relationships, and human and canine lives are enriched. Come walk with us on our journey.

Paperback, 96 pages
Veloce Publishing Ltd, Imprint: Hubble and Hattie, 15th May 2019

Price: $23.25 from

by Nigel Allsopp

A group of German soldiers were forced to fight in an SS Battalion against their will due to their unique skills as dog handlers. Throughout the war, from Greenland in the Arctic circle to a final suicide mission in the Ardennes Forest, they never forgot their four-legged comrades.

Members of this unique battalion guarded Hitler, hunted down Allies, and survived numerous battles in extreme environmental conditions only to be betrayed by the Nazi regime they had fought for. The only thing left was to ensure their four-legged comrades did not suffer their own ultimate fate at the end of a human’s noose.

They escaped the Nazis, only to be hunted by the Allies, all the in the pursuit of returning their dogs of war to freedom. 
Such is the bond between animal and man that they will give their lives to this goal.

Paperback, 212 pages
Publisher: In House Publishing, August 2019
Young adults to adults

RRP: $27.99 from

NB: Proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards the cost of converting this title into Audio and brail format for the vision-impaired.


by George Hulse

We are the War Dog team …. and this is our story.

" To be the very first person that an enemy soldier sees and not to be able to look for the enemy yourself while you concentrate on any indication of trouble from your dog in front of you requires a special kind of combat soldier. It requires a special kind of dog.

This book will give you what it’s like to be that person taken from first-hand experiences of military working dog handlers in both the Australian Army and the Royal Australian Air Force. Be amazed, informed and captivated by the accounts of this special asset in the Australian Defence Force that you probably didn’t know existed . . . "

Paperback, 179 pages
Publisher: George Hulse, printed by Openbook Howden

RRP: $30.00 (includes packing + postage within Australia) at


by Laura Greaves

Dogs have been living with and helping humans for around fifteen thousand years. All those years ago dogs were either hunters or guardians, but these days, dogs can do all kinds of amazing jobs.

In this book, find out how Bailey the Border Collie became the Assistant Director of Seagulls at the Australian National Maritime Museum, or what Caesar, the footy mascot for the Western Bulldogs, does during footy season. Discover how Mr Walker became a canine ambassador at a Melbourne hotel and how Molly Polly, the Aussie Silky Terrier, saves lives.

With the right training, there is almost nothing a dog can't do. How truly amazing is that?! 

Audience: Children
Paperback, 288 pages
Publisher: Penguin Australia, Imprint: Puffin, 2nd July 2019

RRP: $14.99 at

by Amy Curran 

Your First Puppy is an essential guide for any family embarking on the journey with a four legged family member.
This guide is full of practical information and is written in a way the whole family will understand and enjoy.

"Amy Curran has produced a book where her years of personal experience as a breeder and show winner shine through. A great guide covering a range of topics for young family members introducing a new best friend for life."
- Dr T Fitzpatrick, Veterinarian

Paperback, 52 pages
Publisher : Pink Coffee Publishing, July 2019

RRP: $16.95 at

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Into the Wild
by Anh Do

A wildly exciting new adventure series from bestselling author Anh Do.

I crawled onto the bank and collapsed, exhausted.
From the dirt, I looked up in amazement at four dogs staring down at me.
Was I dreaming? Had I gone mad? It all seemed very real.
'You guys saved me!' I said, as I sat up in my dripping clothes. 'I owe you.'

When disaster separates Gwen from her family, she must fend for herself, all alone in the wilderness.

Luckily, she's not alone for long… When a wolf puppy, a Labrador, a Chihuahua, and a Greyhound want to make friends, Gwen discovers talents she didn't know she possessed.

It will take all her new skills and strength just to survive. Does Gwen have what it takes to be leader of the pack?

Paperback, 224 pages
Publisher: Allen and Unwin Children’s, July 2019
For Ages: 8-14 years old

RRP: $14.99 from

by Dion Summergreene

Buckley, a young, enthusiastic detector dog, was about to clock off from his regular shift at the Brisbane International Airport when he uncovered a shipment of smuggled exotic animals.

Discovering that all but one, a chameleon named Ciara, and two turtle eggs, had perished on the long journey, Buckley makes it his mission to track down who is behind the smuggling ring and ensure no more helpless and endangered animals are killed. A fire is ignited within Buckley and he is determined to return Ciara to her home and reunite her with her family.

Breaking all of his obedience training whilst battling his usual insecurities and self-doubt, Buckley, Ciara and a charismatic Californian mouse named Bo, set out on an international adventure that propels them from a world of structure and safety into dangerous, risky situations.

With fast-pace, witty humour and suspense, Dion Summergreene takes young readers on a crime-fighting adventure like no other to discover an exotic world through the eyes of man’s best friend.

Paperback: 225 pages
Publisher: Thorpe-Bowker, 13th April 2019 

RRP: $8.99 (paperback); $2.78 (Kindle) at

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