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Volunteers rescue Greyhound Cheeky from kennel life

Volunteers rescue greyhound Cheeky from kennel life and 'make her a star'...

Full-time workers and part-time volunteers April Morley and Andrew Garrick came to the rescue for one lucky Greyhound called Cheeky (a sprightly seven-year old female).

Cheeky inspired such love in their home, Andrew even made a short video which features Cheeky to promote fostering.

Andrew, a TV executive producer, said fostering is rewarding because Greyhounds have so much to give.

Every day I come home to a bouncy and happy dog. It's hard not to smile and forget any worries you have. Knowing you’ve changed their life for the better is just the most amazing feeling,” he said.

"Cheeky took to home life big time and from day one she lay on her bed by the TV. Her favourite foods are mashed pumpkin and sardines, but she's not a fussy eater. She comes with us when we visit friends and family and loves meeting new people.”

His partner, April, is a primary school assistant principal and a digital volunteer in her spare time. This desk work involves her helping GR to process adoption applications. She also helps foster Cheeky.

"We fostered because we love dogs and wanted to help prepare a Greyhound for successful adoption into its forever home,” she said.

Walking Cheeky has made me more active. I’ve got to know my suburb and even been able to team up with a neighbour for dog walks who also has a Grey! Cheeky’s a friend to everyone."

April said while they’ll be sad when Cheeky goes to her ‘forever’ home, they know she’ll have a positive future. For more information about adopting Greyhound Cheeky, please see her profile here.   

“Greyhounds are such great pets. They laze around most of the day, have two short walks morning and night, then snuggle up with you on the lounge to sleep for the next 12 hours,” she said.

"We previously adopted a black boy Greyhound called Lionel from GR who sadly passed away from cancer. We weren't ready to adopt another dog, so fostering was a great way to start to fill the hole left by the passing of our beloved Lionel."

During National Volunteer Week (20-26 May), Janet and Peter Flann, Greyhound Rescue founders, want to say a big ‘thank you’ to all their volunteers.

This year the theme is ‘Making a world of difference’. Our volunteers do exactly that, whether it’s videos, foster care, kennel work, processing adoption and fostering applications, liaising with people who sponsor a dog or driving greyhounds back and forward for medical checks,” said Janet.

GR pays the full cost of necessary vet bills incurred while a dog is in foster, while carers cover food, shelter and flea treatments.

We’ll supply muzzle, coat, collar and lead. Foster carers pay for food, but we can help with costs if necessary. How long a hound stays depends on how many adoption applications we get, but carers should be prepared to keep a dog for at least six months,” said Janet.

Peter Flann, GR co-founder, said foster Greyhounds also need basic training: “For many of our dogs, this is the first time they'll live as a pet and they often need to learn about things like stairs and beeping appliances. Carers must also meet and greet potential adopters.”

Carers can always adopt. Our greyhounds are de-sexed, vaccinated, heartworm tested, all for only $385 each plus a great starter pack.”

Peter said carers need not worry about the type of dog they’ll get to foster: “We like to match foster carers with dogs, so we ensure compatibility with your household and other pets."

For more information about fostering a Greyhound, please visit 

For more information about National Volunteers Week 2019, please visit

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