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Introducing the Furf Pets range of Pet Accessories

Design-led innovation for pet accessories, introducing the Furf Pets range

Bringing style and sophistication into the pet-friendly home, animal loving fanatics Makeshi-Thappen have launched Furf Pets, a high end, design focused pet accessories brand.

The trans-Tasman team behind Furf Pets are no strangers to quality design. 

Pulled together by Scott Kington, co-founder of Blunt Umbrellas, the dream team consists of internationally acclaimed Kiwi designer David Haythornthwaite, Kiwi Josh Page and Aussie Joel Schuberg, Blunt Umbrellas’ former Global Brand Manager and Australian Distributor respectively.

“My dog Buddy is my best mate and constant companion,” says Kington. “I was sick of having ugly dog bowls lying around, and when I found out that there could be potentially harmful materials in his old bowl, that was it.” From here, Furf Pets was born.

With their dedicated approach to doing things better, the Australasian team envisaged a re-invigorated pet brand of sustainable, design-led and properly made products that would add to a home’s design landscape rather than spoil it. All the creatives involved are pet lovers who are excited about producing durable pet products encompassing quality design and production.

The design brief for Furf Pets was simple - create a pet bowl that looks as good on the dining room table as it does on the kitchen floor. 

With this approach in mind, Haythornthwaite created an effortlessly stylish, functional and wonderfully sustainable product in three aesthetically pleasing colours, Black Stone, Bone White and Dusky Pink which can be easily integrated into any home décor. The Silicone Feeding Mat was also created to hold your Furf food and drink bowls in one tidy place.

“Our goal is to bring the same ethos we created with our design-led umbrella brand, Blunt Umbrellas into the homes of pet lovers,” adds Page. “In a world of unlimited sustainable design possibilities, you no longer have to put up with the monstrosity that is the average dog bowl. Style and home décor now extends to our pets and their accessories.”

Furf Pets looked at all the nasty things our cats and dogs are ingesting from other bowls on the market, and carefully consided materials such as food-grade silicone rubber and stainless steel. 

Furf Pets has designed their products with ease in mind for your four-legged family member. All materials are dishwasher safe and have been created using a dog's approach to dining, resulting in reduced mess when your furry friend eats dinner.

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $69 for pet bowl, $89 for silicone feeding mat.

Furf Pets products will be available throughout Australia and New Zealand. They will be available at select independent retailers and online.

For more information, visit

You can also follow Furf Pets on Facebook or on Instagram @furfpets

MEDIA RELEASE, 20th May 2019

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