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Sydney Dogs & Cats Home - Senior Pet Project

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home's Senior Pet Project is giving senior pets a second chance ...

Sydney’s only charity pound, Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, has announced the second year of their Senior Pet Project after a huge success in its inaugural year in 2018. 

Ambassadors Adam and Natalie Goodes along with their older gal, Chance, are calling on Aussies to support these residents at the shelter and shed light on the benefits of owning a senior companion.

Starting in 2018, the Senior Pet Project aims to break down the common misconception that older animals are less active and not interested in playing, as well as highlighting the incredibly rewarding opportunity to give these furry-friends a second lease on life. 

With dogs and cats, a senior resident is classed as an animal aged eight and up, with approximately 10% of animals entering the shelter falling into this category. 

Therefore, Sydney Dogs and Cats Home is aiming to raise $150,000 to continue the Senior Pet Project for the next 12 months, enabling the shelter to provide care for the seniors entering the shelter as well as purchase much needed veterinary equipment for these animals such as a dental x- ray machine.

Chance, a Staffy X, is the first dog Adam and Natalie Goodes have adopted and the newest member to their family before the arrival of their first child. 

Chance came into the shelter after her previous owner became homeless and was unable to look after her or pay for her ongoing pain management medication as Chance was suffering from a degenerative joint disease. 

She was a staff favourite but when potential families came to visit, she was often overlooked as she sat at the back of her kennel whilst her louder kennel pals grabbed the attention.

Adam Goodes, former professional AFL player, owner of Chance and Senior Pet Project ambassador said: “We always knew we wanted to adopt a senior pet, giving them a loving and caring home for their golden years. We met our little lady at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, after a team member suggested we take her out on a walk. The rest is history and she is no longer shy but a happy go-lucky, much-loved member of the Goodes family – people often think she’s a puppy!”

Natalie Goodes added, “Adopting Chance has changed our lives in such a positive way, we think about all our plans with her in mind and actually spend more time at home to be together as a family. She is housebroken, doesn’t chew up our furniture and isn’t destructive – we haven’t had to worry about the ‘puppy phase’. Her love is unconditional, and we can’t get enough of her little butt wiggles every time one of us walks in the door!”

Dr Renae Jackson, Animal Care Manager, Sydney Dogs and Cats Home said: “We started the Senior Pet Project in 2018 to put a spotlight on our senior residents to help with their rehoming as well as cover the additional treatment costs often associated with senior residents. We seem to have an increasing number of senior residents arriving at the shelter, and we need to continue in raising awareness for their care needs and rehoming,”

“Owning a senior pet is extremely beneficial, not only do they often have basic training skills, but they enjoy a nice balance of playtime and relaxation. You also have the amazing opportunity of giving them a second chance for the last few years of their life.”

Currently there are 12 senior residents in care at the shelter with seven available and patiently waiting to meet their forever family. The Senior Pet Project allows these animals to have a more comfortable and supportive wait until their future family walks in the door. 

To help give the best care possible for these beautiful old souls, please visit to support the Senior Pet Project.

About Sydney Dogs and Cats Home

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home is Sydney's only charity pound and community facility. The Home has been taking care of Sydney's lost, abandoned and neglected pets since 1946. Today we open our doors to 3000 pets each year, servicing multiple council areas across Sydney and pride ourselves on never placing a time limit on any animal awaiting adoption. We also deliver a range of successful mental health focused community programs, creating a lifeline to both the animals we care for and those in the community who need it most. 

MEDIA RELEASE, Sydney 8th May 2019

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