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Petaum Pet Hair Dryer & Brush Combination

pett'd launches Petaum Pet Hair Dryer & Brush Combination

pett’d is a 100% Australian owned and operated business with a passion for pets! To design and launch the Petaum Grooming Dryerpett'd partnered with Korean based design company Goth Design.

Their story began with a desire to make the right choices for our furry companions, because taking care of them is just as important as taking care of ourselves.

The pett’d mission is to help you simplify pet parenting! They understand that life is busy; work days are longer and play time is shorter. That’s why pett’d was born, to bring you innovative, simple, safe and stress free solutions to a healthy, happy and joy filled life with your furry family members.

The bath experience is meant to be relaxing for you and your furry friend but do you find it stressful drying your pet? 

The new Petaum Grooming Dryer combines a dryer and a brush, which means you can do two things at once, with just one hand! Deliberately crafted with lightweight material, this grooming unit creates ease and comfort on your wrists during the drying process.

How the Petaum Brush & Dryer works:

1. Pat your furry friend with a towel first. 
2. Select the brush according to the hair condition. 
3. Select temperature and power for the comfort of your pet. 
The unit comes with two temperature settings, cool breeze (40~C) and warm wind (60 ~C), to avoid heat burns, and a dual fan speed for air volume control, creating comfortable noise levels for your pet.
4. Enjoy the grooming experience. 

Main Features & Benefits:

The Petaum Pet Hair Dryer also comes with two types of interchangeable brushes

✔️ pin brush to remove tangles and
✔️ a slicker brush to remove fur and dead hair.
The unit is designed with pets in mind and is suitable for various pet skin and coat types.

Petaum is a grooming dryer that both you and your furry companion will appreciate and enjoy for many years to come.
Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $99.95 (free standard shipping in Australia).
You can find pett'd on Facebook and on on Instagram @pettd_au

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