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CannaCo Pet announces natural petcare range

Australian Cannabis Company Launches New Pet Brand

A Melbourne-based hemp company described as “Australia’s #1 Cannabis Lifestyle Brand” has launched a new venture named CannaCo Pet in conjunction with key figures from the veterinary industry. 

Celebrating the launch of their new CannaCo Pet imprint, company CEO Dr. David Stapleton released the following statement: “It’s an incredibly exciting time for the industry, and with CannaCo Pet we’ve created Australia’s first dedicated hemp pet care brand for animals

In just one year The Cannabis Co. has seen incredible growth, with sales going through the roof and projections continually exceeded. Over 200 testimonials have been left on our website by delighted customers whose animal companions have benefited from products such as Hemp Seed Oil For Pets, Hemp Seed & Flax Oil and Hemp Dog Biscuits, and it became increasingly clear that animal owners had a need for more functional hemp health products. That's why we teamed up with leading lights from Australia’s veterinary industry to further explore the potential of this wonderfully versatile plant.”

Dr. Stapleton (a PhD biochemist with over 25 years spent working with the University of Melbourne) is joined in this new venture by Dr Tim Adams BVSc and Dr Peter Brunskill BVSc.

A qualified vet, Dr Adams is clearly keen to roll up his sleeves and get to work on ways to improve animal wellbeing.

“The more I read about cannabis and the more I hear the incredible testimonials from our customers, the more I’m convinced that we’re only just at the beginning of a wonderful journey in developing ethical, effective and new ways of keeping animals healthy and happy, with products all derived from this one amazing plant” stated Dr Adams.

Continued Dr Brunskill, “It is so rewarding to see our products have real benefits for so many of our furry family members. It has inspired us to come up with a host of ideas for products that we are confident will make some amazing differences to our pets’ lives into the future.”

Dr Brunskill is particularly interested in the ability of hemp products to alleviate pain and inflammation, its positive effects on the brain (such as control of seizure activity), and improvement of mood disorders (especially anxiety). 

He is currently conducting trials with vet hospitals to showcase the myriad of animal problems that CannaCo Pet products can treat. The brand is currently developing full plant cannabis extracts for pharmaceutical use in animals, using CBD-only strains in order to treat further indications at a clinical level.

Hemp Petcare range for Animal Health 

CannaCo Pet launches three new natural petcare products with a sustainable ethos. The products are unique in formulation, comprised of diverse elements from the hemp plant together with cannabis terpenes and other natural ingredients:

✔️ The Rex – Dog Shampoo with Hemp
✔️ The Maisie – Dog Shampoo with Hemp for Sensitive Skin
✔️ The George – Dog Conditioner with Hemp

Hemp foods became legal on November 12th 2017, with The Cannabis Co. being the first Australian company to specifically market hemp products to animal owners. 

Their Hemp Seed Oil For Pets soon became a runaway success and nationwide best seller, with word-of-mouth spreading like wildfire after the diverse benefits of the product became apparent. 

Reports Dr Stapleton, “hemp is nature's best medicine – natural, safe, affordable, sustainable, legal and it helps with dozens of ailments which animals regularly suffer from. Your pet is a member of your family and we care very strongly about families – especially those who can't afford extremely expensive pharmaceutical medication that has little-to-no effect or can cause side effects.”

These claims have been supported by a mounting body of testimonial evidence from owners:

“Purchased for my 9-year old Newfoundland x Poodle, he has a liver shunt, arthritis, leg tremors and dry skin. Once we started giving him Hemp Seed Oil For Pets, it was less than two weeks before we noticed a massive difference. He has stopped his age-related 'shedding' of his fur, his skin isn't discoloured/flaky, his coat is shiny, he gets up and moves so much better. We even spotted him galloping around the garden, playing with a toy! Something he hasn't done in over a year. This stuff is the holy grail, and has done wonders! I wish we discovered this earlier.”
– Louise, Gooseberry Hill (WA)

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MEDIA RELEASE, 24th May 2019

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