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Looking for a fresh start running your own dog business?

A lottery entry could mean a fresh start worth millions for one lucky animal lover ...

The owner of luxury pet hotel Yapper Valley Pet Resort, is making a public offer that only the wildest of dreams could imagine.

Win a $1.5 million dollar profitable business plus a four-bedroom house on a 110-acre Townsville property, all the puppies in the world to play with, and $30,000 cash to boot! The best part? You could have it all for just $55.

Announced on April 1 some thought it might be an April Fool’s joke, but the real punchline is that it’s all true.

Yapper Valley Pet Resort Owner, Natalie Giumelli, is one of the very few in Australia who have recently taken up the global trend of gifting lifestyle properties as lottery prizing.

Since opening five years ago, Yapper Valley Pet Resort has been regarded as one of the top boarding kennels in Queensland.

The property houses 24 individual pet cabins, all brightly painted, closely resembling the iconic Victorian Brighton beach bathing boxes, each equipped with air-conditioning and TV’s running pooch-friendly shows.

Natalie said she dreamt up the doggy heaven through her deep love for animals. “I never liked traditional kennels and wanted to create something niche and warm for pet lovers to feel guilt-free when leaving their fur babies behind,” she said.

“My love for animals has extended from the Pet Resort to my own hobby farm with hand-reared miniature cows and goats which provide my home with fresh milk every day. I make my own cheese and get fresh eggs from my chickens; I even have a few pet pigs.

It’s country living at its finest. The winner of this amazing prize package will be able to create their own version of a dream life.”

As well as the business and property, the prize package includes Natalie’s family home: a four-bedroom, two-bathroom homestead, newly constructed three years ago, that runs on solar power.

Entering the competition is just as simple as potentially winning it. Those interested need only to head to the website and purchase a digital image of a cute animal for $55 with each purchase counting as one entry*.

Natalie said while owning a Pet Resort might be daunting and seem like a lot of work to some, Yapper Valley Pet Resort is largely run by a team of dedicated and animal-loving staff who are also vying for the golden ticket.

“They have all bought an entry into the lottery and are just as passionate about this place as I am,” she said.

The perfect owner is someone who’s passionate about animals and understands they are at the centre of everything and will love and adore this property as much as we have.

“Ultimately, the winners can keep the business as is and take it over themselves or appoint live-in caretakers and reap the benefits. What I really want to do is give someone, who has the passion and drive, the opportunity to thrive in their very own business when they may not have the financial means to do otherwise.”

The winner will not only take over the fully-staffed business, country homestead and acreage property, all debt and mortgage-free, but they will also receive $30,000 cash.

Natalie is hoping to sell a minimum of 40,000 entries which will cover relevant taxes, costs and transfer fees, in order to hand the comfortable lifestyle package over.

If that goal isn’t reached, a winner will still walk away with half the money raised.

Dare to dream? Head to the competition website and enter now!

*T&Cs apply. Raffle closes June 21. Entries are open to all Australian residents (excluding South Australia) aged 18 and older.

About Yapper Valley Pet Resort

Based in Townsville, Queensland, Yapper Valley Pet Resort was established in 2014 and offers pet accommodation like no other. A luxury, resort style haven set in prime country, pets can enjoy individual airconditioned cabins and 110-acres of running room. We also offer a pet taxi service to shuttle furry friends to and from home. We aim to take the stress out of pet boarding by providing an environment like no other as well as daily photo updates for our clients, documenting their pet’s stay.

For more information, please visit

MEDIA RELEASE, 17th April 2019

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