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Aussie pet owners miss their dogs whilst on holiday!

One in five Aussie parents miss their pets more than their children whilst on holiday! 

Australians’ love for their pets has reached new heights with nearly one in five parents (18%) admitting they miss their “fur babies” more than their own children when they go away on holiday, according to research by house and pet sitting service TrustedHousesitters.

The study of 1,000 Australians examined pet owners’ quirky habits when separated from their fur babies and found that nearly one in 10 Aussies have cried on their holiday because they miss their pet so much

A third of pet owners will frequently scroll through photos and videos of their fluffy friends on their phone and one in 10 of us even video-call our pets to ease any separation anxiety.

Holidaying pet owners have admitted to feeling guilty for leaving their fur babies behind with nearly 50% worrying about their pet missing them and one in three are concerned their pet isn’t getting enough love and attention when they go away.

Tim Lyons, CEO of TrustedHousesitters, said the parental guilt of leaving pets behind often stems from the challenge of finding suitable and reliable pet care that owners can afford.

“It’s a sad fact that many Aussie pet owners struggle to switch off and enjoy their holiday because they worry about their pet. No pet owner should have to feel guilty about enjoying the cultural and culinary experiences travel affords us because their pet can’t join the fun,” said Tim.
While it is hard not to worry about an animal that is essentially part of the family, having a caring and trusted sitter taking care of the pets in their own home can help people feel less guilty when holidaying”.

Australians’ obsession with their pets stretches beyond our holiday plans with more than one in 10 of us missing out on attending weddings to stay at home with our pets and 6% passing on dates, instead choosing to cuddle up on the sofa with their pet instead.

To keep their fur babies content, 26% of Aussies purchase gifts for their pets and one in 10 spends on average $100-$150 on dog food, dog toys and pet care daily when they travel.

About TrustedHousesitters

TrustedHousesitters is the pet care solution keeping pets happy at home and helping people to travel.

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MEDIA RELEASE, 18th April 2019

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