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Engadine Child Raises Money for Greyhound Rescue

Engadine child raises money for 'hound love'

Engadine local, Hazel Christopher, aged nine years, has just raised $20 for Sydney charity Greyhound Rescue to help feed and re-home these dogs.

Hazel made cupcakes at home with her dad’s help, then sold them to people in her neighbourhood. "At one stage it started to rain, so I got home quickly before the cupcakes went soggy,” said Hazel.

“We used to have a Greyhound cross which died of old age. I love greyhounds. They are so beautiful and gentle. They deserve to have a good life, just like any other dog.”
Hazel said she found being involved in raising the money was very rewarding. “Reactions from people to the cupcake idea were really positive and I soon sold out," she said.

Her mum, Sarah, said Hazel has asked if the family could adopt a Greyhound.

“Greyhounds have no doggie smell and generally don’t bark, so that makes it easier if you’re renting. We’ll probably foster first so we can make sure a new greyhound suits our family. Fostering is a great way to ‘try before you buy’,” said Sarah.

Hazel said she wanted to raise money for Greyhound Rescue because they need ongoing help.

Zephyr has been patiently waiting for his forever home since October 2017 - Photo: Jo Lyons Photography

“They need money to house all the abandoned greyhounds, feed them, keep them healthy and warm, then find them new owners, or foster homes until they get a forever home,” she said.

Janet Flann, Greyhound Rescue founder, said she was very impressed with Hazel's effort.

"When something lovely like this takes place, it really encourages us, especially when our work becomes overwhelming and difficult which can happen sometimes," said Janet. There are currently 68 Greyhounds available for adoption through Greyhound Rescue.

Janet said GR pays the full cost of necessary vet bills incurred while a dog is in foster, while also providing a free muzzle, coat, collar and lead. Carers cover food, shelter and flea treatments.

"We can help with costs if necessary. How long a hound stays with foster carers depends on the number of adoption applications we get, but foster carers should be prepared to accommodate a dog for at least six months,” she said.

Prospective foster carers don’t need to worry about the type of dog they’ll get to foster.

"We like to match carers with dogs who’ve been waiting the longest in our Sydney kennels, while we also ensure compatibility with your family and other pets. We’ve re-homed over 1,000 greyhounds since we began operating in 2009,” said Janet.

For more info about fostering -

MEDIA RELEASE, 25th February 2019

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