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Dog rescue organisations team up to encourage adoptions for Christmas

Hollywood Star, Aaron Taylor-Johnson lends his voice to help Australia save 50,000 lives a year ...

Movie star Aaron Taylor-Johnson, of Kick-Ass and Avengers fame, is the voice behind a powerful 2-minute film urging the world, and Australians in particular, to adopt a shelter or pound dog this festive season – a time when dog death rates skyrocket. 

Working with dog and animal welfare organisations across Australia, the campaign features the voice of Taylor-Johnson, the owner of two rescue dogs, and brings to life the plight of the 50,000 dogs put down each year.


View the film here:

“Every year, over 2 million dogs are euthanised around the world. Together we can end such a senseless disregard for life. Choose compassion and adopt a rescue dog today,” says the actor who has provided his time and support to the campaign pro-bono.

“Pounds and shelters across Australia are inundated during the holiday season making it the ideal time to adopt a rescue dog,” says Monika Biernacki from Doggie Rescue, one of several organisations advocating for Australians to decrease the number of dog deaths including VoicelessSA Dog RescueSAFE Inc. WABest Friends Rescue, QLD, Starting Over Dog Rescue, VIC.
Monika Biernacki from Doggie Rescue (Sydney) with Heather

“Dogs abandonment rates climb sharply during Christmas as families and individuals can often be overwhelmed by the emotional and financial strain brought on by the festive season.”

“While pounds and shelters do the best they can with the limited resources available to them, they can’t provide homes for hundreds of dogs indefinitely,” says Monika, “This is why we are urging Australians who are thinking of gifting a pet for Christmas, or wanting a family pet, to consider adopting a rescue or pound dog - there are 1000 dogs being put down each week nationally and you could save the life of one of them.”

According to the dog welfare advocate, people shouldn’t be put off by the fact a shelter dog has been abandoned by their owner. “Many people assume that a shelter dog has been let go because they have behavioural problems, were abused, or are broken animals, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Porthos, Aramis (Australian Dog Lover dogs) and Athos
dumped at the pound aged 3 months and saved by Doggie Rescue
The majority of dogs are abandoned because their owners have fallen ill or have had a change of life circumstance and can no longer care for them. 

In fact, there are many puppies and younger dogs in pounds across the country.”

The film was written, directed and produced voluntarily by a number of passionate dog welfare advocates within the advertising industry including John Lam, Creative Partner, DDB Remedy, Jonathan May, director, Jason Ross, writer, Christopher Barron, The Hive, and Simon Lister, Nylon Studios.

Director Jonathan May says he wanted the film to be as authentic as possible.  "We took a huge risk working with untrained shelter dogs to be in the film and with the help of Monika from Doggie Rescue, we carefully selected Steve and Xena. We only had a short window of time to shoot the dog scenes but both of them nailed their part, it was almost as if they knew the importance of their roles." says May.

MEDIA RELEASE, 12th November 2018

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