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Doggie Rescue Celebrates 12,000 Dogs Saved

Sydney’s largest no kill animal welfare organisation Doggie Rescue recently celebrated a new milestone, having saved 12,000 dogs from death row and re-homing each of them with loving families.

That is 12,000 healthy, loving creatures who would otherwise have faced certain death and become a statistic. These dogs have been rescued from pounds around NSW and represent what happens when they are given a second chance at life thanks to founder and CEO Monika Biernacki.

“The number of dogs facing death row every day in Australia is truly shocking. These beautiful animals all deserve the opportunity to find their forever home and I am so proud that 12,000 of them are now happily part of their new families”, explains Monika.

Ms. Biernacki, a former scientist, gave up her work twenty years ago to begin Doggie Rescue when she saw a desperate need to prevent the unnecessary euthanasia of dogs that were perfectly healthy yet had been abandoned because their owners didn’t want them anymore.

There are literally thousands of heartbreaking stories behind these animals, but it is the heartwarming result of every new adoption that provides the drive that keeps Monika and her loyal, dedicated volunteers going. 

Doggie Rescue was created to provide a viable NO KILL alternative in Sydney and to educate the public on their lifelong responsibilities when owning a dog. Dogs should never be an impulse purchase and people need to become educated about where their new addition has come from. Rescue dogs are very special, most adoptees tell us that in actual fact, the rescue dog has saved them! There is nothing like the love and dedication of a rescued animal.” Monika adds.
Lucky 12,000th saved life is a beautiful 4 year old Jack Russell X named Tess
While Tess has now found a forever home, there are so many more dogs at Doggie Rescue looking for homes - of almost every age, size, personality and breed. If you would like to help Doggie Rescue continue its life saving work please adopt don’t shop! If you can’t adopt, foster. If you can’t foster, volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, donate and help them keep saving these innocent lives indefinitely.

Doggie Rescue recently held its annual Trivia Night which saw 300 volunteers and supporters get together and celebrate these 12,000 lives saved but it was also a fun night out with like-minded dog lovers!

The entertainment included raffles, cash boards, carnival games and of course a riveting trivia team competition which helped raise an additional $10,000 for the shelter so why not mark the date in your calendar and take part in 2018?

About Doggie Rescue

Monika's Doggie Rescue is a registered charity that believes in saving and re-homing dogs from the council pounds. For many years Monika Biernacki and a group of volunteers have been rescuing dogs from death row and successfully re-homing them with permanent and loving owners. In 2001 the charity was established.

Our own Aramis & Porthos were both saved by Doggie Rescue
Dogs rescued from the pound are microchipped, heartworm tested and vaccinated by a veterinarian, who also gives them a basic health check and provides us with an estimate of their age. The dogs are desexed (if required) and given any additional veterinary treatment to return them to good health.

All of the rescued dogs are then cared for, awaiting adoption into a permanent loving home. Once the dogs have completed their 8-10 days quarantine, they either stay at the shelter - Doggiewood at Ingleside on the northern beaches of Sydney - or can be placed into a foster home.

Monika's Doggie Rescue has a NO KILL policy so all dogs are re-housed or stay at the shelter for their life.

The adoption fee represents the re-imbursement for the basic desexing, vaccination, microchipping and heartworm testing only - generally between $350 and $500.

The shelter currently has over 200 dogs up for adoption who are all featured at

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