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RSPCA Cupcake Day 2017 - August 21

Cupcake Day for the RSPCA is back on Monday 21st August 2017 and the pawfect excuse to get family, friends and workmates together to eat delicious cupcakes!

More importantly, absolutely 100% of funds raised through your baking efforts will help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the 135,000 abandoned, injured, neglected and sick animals
that come through RSPCA shelters every year.

What you plan for your Cupcake Day party is also totally up to you. 
You could recruit your colleagues and ask them to bring in their baking creations to work. You could host a school bake sale and get your classmates involved. Maybe you’d like to organise a cupcake party at home with family and friends? Or you could even run a cupcake competition.
Whatever you decide, the RSPCA couldn’t be happier that you’ve chosen to dedicate your time to helping animals who are suffering from abuse, mistreatment and neglect.
Cupcake Day is officially held on Monday 21st August, but since there’s never been a bad time to eat cupcakes, please feel free to hold your event any day during August.

To help you with your fundraising efforts, when you register, the RSPCA will send you a free Cupcake Day Host Kit. This kit includes everything you need to help plan, promote and run your event, ensuring it’s a Cupcake Day to remember!

Not sure where to start? Just follow these five simple steps for a perfect Cupcake Day party:


Taking part in Cupcake Day is easy. Simply register now for FREE and you’ll receive an awesome Cupcake Day Host Kit. This kit will give you everything you need to plan, promote and hold your event.


Plan where you’re going to hold your Cupcake Day party, organise what you are going to bake and decide if you’re going to theme your event. You could hold a raffle or include competitions for the best looking cupcake, the best tasting cupcake or even the most creative cupcake. It’s totally up to you!


Once you’ve decided when you’re hosting your party, invite your colleagues, family and friends via social media, and send them a save the date email. Update your online fundraising page with the details of your event and send everyone the link, asking them to donate to support your efforts. Don’t forget to follow up with a reminder email closer to the day of your party!

If you’re hosting your Cupcake Day party at your school or workplace, remember to put up posters to tell everyone about it! You can find lots of free downloadable materials to promote and decorate your event by clicking on 'Resources and Posters under the ‘Planning an Event’ tab. These will help you spread the word and maximise your fundraising efforts.


Once the big day arrives, make sure everyone knows you are fundraising for the RSPCA and display your donation box in a visible spot. That way, your guests know where to donate their funds.

And of course, don’t forget to enjoy your party with all your favourite people!


Once the party is over, remember to bank your funds. The easiest way to do this is via your online fundraising page. This will contribute to your fundraising total and help you get on that much-coveted leader board! 5 very simple steps that can make a very big difference to animals in need at your local shelter!

And we all need extra calories to get through this cold winter anyway, some come on Australian dog lovers, let's get baking! It all starts with registering in your local State.

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