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DizzyandLee Dog Subscription Box Review

Today marked the third anniversary of Aramis joining our pack so we organised a DizzyandLee Gotcha Day Box for her to celebrate that special day!

Aramis could call first dibs on everything today from dog toys to treats but she will eventually share her spoils with her siblings as they always do.

Subscription boxes for dogs (and cats) are nothing new these days but it’s always great to discover a new option, especially when this subscription box for dogs displays such a great showcase of Autralian brands, whilst also delivering real value for money plus the personal touch in the handwritten note!

Chloe is a Brisbane-based dog lover who was inspired 
by her own two rescue dogs Dizzy and Lee and decided to create the DizzyandLee subscription boxes for dogs.

What was in our 'Gotcha Day' Box?

We quickly received our DizzyandLee Box in the post but decided to set it aside until the 'Big Day' to ensure that all the treats and toys would still be intact for her enjoyment though having to sit still without ripping things apart does not come naturally for our girl wonder!

The DizzyandLee Gotcha Day Box will normally contain 2 dog toys and 2 dog treats plus some food samples and vouchers and ours was filled with an exciting assortment of goodies. 

First up, was a durable Dog Chew Toy from HiHo Australia, designed to develop healthy chewing habits and help maintain good dental health. 
This diamond-shaped dog toy is made up of durable rubber and slowly releases a vanilla flavour. 
This versatile dog toy can be used as a chew toy or challenge your dog by hiding small food and treats inside its centre. The rope also makes it a pull or fetch toy but I think Aramis will have much more fun shredding it!

To her delight, Aramis uncovered a large cuddly Hug Dog Toy (Mint) from East Coast Pets handmade in Nepal, using 100% New Zealand wool. 

This soft toy can help clean and strengthen your dog’s teeth but it's mostly a fun durable toy for active dogs to play toss and catch! 

Having sampled one of their Sea Star toys last year, I know that once she’s done running around, Aramis will love sinking her muzzle into the woolly scent of this soft toy. 

These toys are also very easy to maintain as they can be cold washed and dried in the sun and the entire range is also biodegradable. 

We also discovered an 80g pack of Royal Bullies organic dog treats. Samplers are such a great way for your dogs to try a bit of everything to decide what they’ll like best! 

Our sampler included some Lamb Trainers and Beef Trainers – these always come in handy as high reward training treats as they're easy to break into little chunks. 

Aramis also got her choice of Beef Liver, Lamb Puff, Green Lipped Mussels, Beef Bits and even a Duck Foot with all ingredients being sourced locally on the Sunshine Coast and New Zealand. 

The main attraction was however a 165g pack of SavourLife Australian Wild Boar & Roo Strips enriched with Omega 3 & 6. If you haven’t yet heard of SavourLife, this family-owned Aussie company started 4 years ago inspired by their passion for dogs and they donate 50% of their profits to pet rescue organisations helping them to save and re-home more dogs. 

Also included was a sample of the SavourLife grain-free Kangaroo dog foodgluten-free and allergenic with no artificial flavours or preservatives. 

Being an official Birthday celebration, our box included an edible Celebration Card from Wagalot Brands, aptly named ‘I Love my Dog’. This is a pretty tough biscuit so watch out for all the crumbly bits and this special treat is best eaten outside! 
No party would be complete without a birthday party hat, however Aramis wouldn’t have a bar of it today regardless of how many treats were on offer! 

There was also a 50g sample of the Balanced Life Air Dried Raw food created by Dr Bruce Syme – the founder of Vets All Natural. After adding some lukewarm water and allowing the food to absorb the moisture for 2 to 3 minutes, it will reconstitute to around 200g of dog food
I can certainly see the appeal of packing one of these bags on a camping / hiking trip with your dog(s) to lighten the load!

What Subscription Box Options are available?

We love that DizzyandLee offers many options to choose from, so even if you don’t want to commit to a regular plan, you could trial this service to treat your pooch for a special occasion with a “Welcome Home Pack” perfect for a new addition to the family or a “Birthday Box” or “Gotcha Day Box”. There’s even an option for the kitties in your family!

You can purchase a monthly subscription box as a one-off ($55) but you will always save a few dollars when you sign up to a 3-month ($50/month) or even a 6-month plan ($48/month). 

These monthly packs are delivered on the first week of each month and (for new subscribers) the cut-off is the 24th of each monthWhen ordering you can specify your dog's requirements (e.g. no soft toys if you have a tough chewer, allergies etc.) and DizzyandLee will select products to suit.

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: from $45 for a Gotcha Day Box (reviewed); $48 for a monthly pet pack (on a 6-month plan); $59 for the Welcome Home Pack from

Why not use your special code 'LOVE' at the checkout for a discount and spoil your pooch!

NB: all options always include free shipping.

DisclaimerGotcha Day Box was gifted to us by DizzyandLee to complete this review.

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