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The Dog Trouser Company Australia - Review

Probably because of their colder and wetter climates, Canada and UK dog owners have been early adopters of dog pants, which become invaluable when your dogs love romping through water-logged paddocks and moors! 

They’ve only been available in Australia for a few months exclusively via Dog Trousers Australia (previously known as The Dog Trouser Company).

Mary was looking for a practical solution to keep her own dog, Henri the woolly Old English Sheepdog dry and clean during their walks and outdoor activities including the park and the beach. 

She found it in Surrey, England where these funky dog trousers are manufactured to the highest standards.

After piquing our interest, Mary kindly offered to send us a pair of dog trousers to trial and we just had to wait for some rainy weather to put them through the test!

So what are Dog Trousers?

Dog trousers are an article of clothing worn by a dog that acts as a barrier to protect their legs and underbelly from puddles, sand flicked up during fun at the beach or mud from the park but they're not just for those adventurous hiking pooches. 

Urban dogs who love accompanying their owners to the local café for a puppyccino will also be protected from pavement grime when they lie down.
No amount of coverage will ever convince our Tervuren to go anywhere near water - he blinks at the sight of rain - so we ended up trialling these trousers with both our Mals during our walks after some heavy winter showers.

Local fire trails quickly fill up with water to turn into (dog) chest-high water puddles. We would usually avoid those areas for our walks until it all dries up as our dogs are no great fans of bath time and have been known to bring back some leeches! 

The dog trousers come in a handy drawstring waterproof bag so you can easily pack them up for transport in the car and put them back in after use, if you don’t want to dirty your car. 

We decided to put the trousers on our dogs at home for the first trial and found them very easy to put on (even without reading the instructions) putting first the front legs and then the back legs through the holes before clipping the three straps that hold them up (a bit like trouser braces). 

As with any collar or harness, you can easily adjust the length of all the straps for the perfect fit. 

All four openings come with Velcro tabs at the ankles to keep your dog's legs water tight so these pants will stay in place even during brisk walks and runs. 

At first our female Malinois did not dare make a move and the look on her face was priceless (we should have captured her statue impersonation) because of the swoosh - swoosh sound made with every step but as soon as we grabbed her leash and the keys, she was off as fast as usual!

Once we hit the trails, both dogs walked, ran, jumped on rocks or logs as normal so the dog trousers did not hinder their movements in any way.

The fabric is lightweight, windproof and waterproof and for once our dogs were free to waddle and splash in any water hole that took their fancy rather than being pulled away back to the drier part of the path.

With their unique design, the trousers cleverly cover only what needs covering whilst allowing airflow and your dog the freedom to toilet.

Morning temperatures in winter can drop to 4-5 degrees when we go walking and they certainly enjoyed being warmer and drier. For those of you taking your dogs to the snow or with breeds that really feel the cold, you can easily fit a dog coat on top if necessary for a perfectly sealed dog! 

For dogs who suffer from allergic relations, the trousers provide a barrier against common allergens like pollens (tree, grass and weed), mould spores, dust and toxins. For longer haired dogs they also reduce the risk of embedded grass seeds or burrs in the legs, chest and belly areas, especially during the Australian summer. 

Dog trousers are also an effective groom protector for the Show Dogs who need to remain perfectly well-groomed throughout the day, ready to win on those long Show Days!

Another use that may not immediately come to mind is for post-operative recoveryThe dog trousers can be used as an alternative to the cone of shame which most dogs hate as they keep bumping into things and can’t easily access food or water. Wearing these pants would prevent your dog from tearing at their bandages, possibly pulling their stitches meaning another expensive trip to the vet. 

So although they come in a great selection of colours: Yellow, Red and Camouflage (Grey), these dog trousers are anything but a dress up, they actually serve a purpose.

From an owner's perspective, this also saves you time on grooming, car and household cleaning! Simply remove the pants after your trip to the beach, park, local cafe or after a trek so that the dirt and water doesn’t end up in your car or on the couch!

If the dog trousers are really dirty after your walk, simply put them in a gentle machine wash at 30 degrees and line dry. After our first use, we simply let ours dry after wiping them off with a damp cloth.

Our Verdict

Like most people when they first come across dog trousers, we did our trademark Gallic shrug wondering what purpose they could possibly serve beyond being quite adorable.

But it often pays going past first impressions to research products in more details.

We very quickly went from skeptic – our default mode – to convert because these dog trousers mean our dogs can be dogs and won’t have to miss out on having fun on their favourite trails, even on wet days. 
They’ve experienced more freedom to sniff and explore as they please (still on a long leash as we’re surrounded by native wildlife and those pesky rabbits are very tempting!).
Most dogs love getting down and dirty, it’s just us owners who object to cleaning up afterwards! 

So in the words of Henri the Old English Sheepdog, "more walks and less excuses"...

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $98.00 - $130.00 (16 sizes) from 

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Disclaimer: Dog trousers were provided  for our editorial consideration.
(Last updated 15th November 2021)

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