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Dog Trousers Australia new lightweight waterproof dog trousers

Now that lockdowns are over, there is no excuse not to hit the park, beach or countryside with your dog! What better way to protect their coat than with the new lightweight waterproof dog trousers from Dog Trousers Australia.

Back in 2018, Mary launched Dog Trousers in Australia offering protection solutions for your dog and car after adding Henri and Dolly, two Old English Sheepdogs, to her family and realising the perils of outdoor activities in the park and at the beach in relation to their coats and environment and aftercare requirements. 

Recently re-designed and re-branded, these stylish and practical Waterproof Dog Trousers act as an upside-down dog coat a light protective barrier for dirt, sand, grass seeds, burrs and allergens, whilst allowing airflow and unrestricted movement including toileting.

By popular demand this fabulous new Lightweight Waterproof Dog Trouser collection has been designed and is now made in Australia to best suit our trans-seasonal conditions. 

They come in Navy, Red, Cobalt Blue and Orange and can also be customised to make your dog stand out in the crowd. Henri and Dolly are already fashionistas, taking over Mary’s limited wardrobe space as their variety of doggie apparel increases!

Made from high-quality materials, reinforced seams and featuring Dog Trousers Australia own signature Easy-fit leg, this new collection comes in 16 sizes to suit all breeds, both long and short legged and are easy care, quick drying, long lasting and oh so comfortable! Look for these Dog Trousers with their contrasting chest toggle.

Bring on the Bones by Dog Trousers Australia

Ramon is wearing the Super Bib, a high neck bib made for extra-large slobbery breeds
This is a new collection of “Dog Bibs” giving them a whole new meaning!

These nifty Dog Bibs are made from the same high quality lightweight waterproof fabric as our Dog Trousers to protect your dog’s coat and minimise grooming requirements when giving your dog a messy bone or treat. 

They are also great to protect front legs of dogs who have “target practice issues” when peeing but not requiring full dog trousers. Also available in Navy, Red, Orange and Cobalt Blue with their signature Easy-fit leg and adjustable neck strap.

Main Features Summary:

✔️ Protective barrier for dog’s coat & skin from grass allergens

✔️ Protects coat, legs & underbelly from water, sand, mud

✔️ Perfect for protecting from café pavement grime

✔️ Say goodbye to grass seeds and burrs, twigs and debris

✔️ Excellent barrier for post-surgery walks to keep wounds and bandages clean

✔️ High-quality, lightweight waterproof fabric, designed for comfort and ease of movement, particularly when playing or frolicking at the beach

✔️ Easy care, machine washable and quick drying

✔️ 16 sizes are now available to suit all dog types & sizes, whether regular, short or long legged, plus special breed specific sizes catering for the unique doggies. For the Corgi, Cavoodle, Shiba Inu, Chow Chow, Havanese, Maltese, Lhasa Apso and Terriers of all kinds, Old English Sheepdogs, Samoyeds, Golden Retrievers, all the “Oodles” and everything in between, Dog Trousers Australia have it all covered!

✔️ Available in happy, fun and classic (Navy, Red, Orange & Cobalt Blue) with a stylish contrast pop of colour and chest toggle.

✔️ Equally suited for apartment dogs or those playing in their own garden, running around the local park or beach and/or country lifestyles.

✔️ Personalise your dog’s pants with a Heart or other motif including Letters to make your dog stand out in the pack.

✔️ Plus Special Editions including the festive Christmas collection making an ideal surprise gift for the dog who has it all.

✔️ Waterproof Pet Apparel proudly designed and hand-made in Melbourne, Australia with love and extra care.

They are a great gift idea for a dog lover who has everything, or just for your beloved four-legged friends.

Dog Trousers Australia are an online store and also attend pet events and craft markets in Australia so look out for this unique practical accessory. Trade enquiries are welcome. 

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: from $98.00-$130.00 (shipping in Australia & worldwide) at

You will also find Dog Trousers Australia on Facebook and Instagram  

MEDIA RELEASE, 9 November 2021 


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