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Dog Lovers Book Club - Christmas Special

Welcome to the super-sized Christmas 2017 edition of your monthly Dog Lovers Book Club! If you are struggling for those last minute presents, we have a fantastic selection of new book releases plus some perennial favourites for dog lovers of all ages...

by Allira Fontana

Canines of Character is a project by Sydney pet photographer, Allira Fontana that resulted in a 504 page coffee table book. With a hard cover and full colour printing throughout, this book makes the perfect Christmas gift for the dog lover in your life that has everything. 

Featured in the book is a wide variety of dogs, including Dachshunds, Labradors, Kelpies, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and every mix in between.

A portion of all book sales will be donated to the rescue group Rescue Hub, who work tirelessly to save dogs from death row each and every day.

RRP: $75.00

by Laura Greaves

These are the extraordinary true stories of some of the hardest-working dogs in the world.

Meet Molly Polly, the diabetes alert dog whose round-the-clock job is to keep two young twins healthy; Bailey, the Assistant Director of Seagulls, who keeps the pesky birds away from the heritage vessels at the Australian National Maritime Museum; and Daisy, the Collie mix who’s a full-time guide dog for another dog. 

From inspirational moments of bravery to dogs doing the jobs that no one else can, these are the life-affirming stories of the most remarkable dogs on the planet. 

Paperback, 336 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia, 27th November 2017

RRP: $35.00 from

by Ken Drake

All Animal Beings is a stunningly beautiful coffee table book by highly awarded master photographer and animal specialist Ken Drake. Featuring lots dogs of course but also cats, farm animals and iconic wildlife all presented in Zoo Studio’s signature style, including their striking black backdrops, this book will appeal to photography aficionados who will appreciate the skill required to capture these shots.

Ken Drake is a master at capturing each animal’s personality through their eyes (even possums and turkeys) and this book will pull on the heartstrings of every animal lover. Readers are also challenged to engage and explore many questions relating to our relationship with animals.

Hardcover, 320 pages
Publisher: New Holland Publishers, 8th November 2017

RRP: $49.99 available from all good bookstores or at

by Rick Dogg (aka David Finn)

These are the thrilling tales of a drug-busting Australian Kelpie

It’s not every day that you can read a crime thriller written by a dog but then Rick Dogg has a special talent: he can type on a laptop, in addition to his super senses of hearing, sight and smell! He’s the top dog at Fortune International Security - a crime busting outfit run by ex tough US Marines - and he’s on the trail of drug barons.

The author, David Finn is a big dog lover and one dollar from every copy sold will be donated to RSPCA Australia.

Paperback, 464 pages
Publisher: The Somers Press, 9th November 2017

RRP: $29.95 from

Book Club - Kids' Corner


Calling all animal lovers! Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals puts the spotlight on the world’s most amazing creatures, peculiar pets, wacky wildlife, and cute critters.

In this action-packed annual, you’ll meet surfing pigs, talking gorillas, and even the world’s largest elephant orchestra! Ever seen a dog who thinks he’s Picasso or a bunny who plays basketball? You will now! From the tallest and smallest animals to the most popular social pet-working stars, they’re all here.

If it’s activities you want, you’re in for a treat! Create your very own record-breaking animal with our online game, or try making an origami zoo! Test your wildlife knowledge with fun quizzes plus see who wins the age-old battle between cats and dogs with IQ tests you can try with your very own pets!
This is the perfect educational and entertaining book for lazy days by the pool or on the beach!

Paperback, 216 pages
Publisher: Guinness, 28th November 2017

RRP: $24.99 from

by Elen Caldecott

Meet Piotr, Minnie, Andrew, Flora and Sylvie – the Marsh Road Mystery solvers. Sylvie Hampshire is in hospital. She knows she's responsible enough to take control of her diabetes medication, but now she has to prove it on the hospital ward. 

She's only been there a couple of hours when Barry, a therapy dog, goes missing in suspicious circumstances. It's time to bring in the gang! 

With their detective senses on high alert, the five friends set out to find Barry, but the stakes soon become much higher than they thought. Have they finally met their match? Not if Sylvie Hampshire has anything to do with it!

Paperback, 224 Pages
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing, 1st June 2017
For Ages: 9 - 12 years old

RRP: $12.99 from     

The dog-gone amazing story of the Wizard of Oz
by Michael Morpurgo, illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark

“I was there,” Papa Toto said, and those magic words sent shivers down my spine. It was going to be the Wizard story. “Dorothy and me were both there.” We were all silent, snuggled up together, waiting, waiting.Then Papa Toto began…

When a twister descends on their Kansas farm, Toto and his owner Dorothy hide in the house – only to be plucked into the air and whisked away! 

Coming down with a crash in the mysterious land of Oz, the pair meet a series of extraordinary characters: a scarecrow who believes he has no brains, a tin man without a heart, and a cowardly lion who may not be as cowardly as he thinks he is.

But Toto and Dorothy are desperate to return home – after all, home is home, and home is best! So they set off with their new friends on a journey down the yellow brick road to find the only person who might be able to help them: the Wonderful Wizard of Oz

But what they find might surprise them. And on the way, all of them will learn that what they think they are missing might have been there, all along…
Beautifully illustrated throughout, this is an unforgettable telling of a classic story, and a must for every bookshelf.

Format: Paperback, 284 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, 21st August 2017
For Ages: 7+ years old

RRP: $19.99 at

I Want a Dog

by Ben Hubbard, illustrated by Jason Chapman 

Would you really love a dog but don't know the first thing about how it will affect you and your family?

This book gives young children aged 6+ all information they and their families need to see if they could take on this big responsibility. The information is given through the story of Alex who is is desperate to get a dog, but the rest of his family don't think it's a good idea. So Alex decides to start a scrapbook to discover what a dog needs. He finds out about different dog breeds and what they are like. He looks around his home and wonders where the dog will live. He goes out with his friend to walk her dog. 

He collects photos of different dog breeds and adds labels with their temperaments, how to care for them etc. Alex's family see his enthusiasm and begin to get on board with the idea. Together they visit a puppy from a local family but they also visit a rescue centre and decide to get an adult dog from there. 

This 'two books in one' describes the behaviour and needs of dogs and how it affects a family's life day-to-day in a charming and fun way. The book is endorsed and checked by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

Hardcover, 32 pages
Published: Franklin Watts, 13th July 2017
For Ages: 5 - 7 years old

RRP: $26.99 from

by Corinne Fenton and Hannah Somerville

Everyone feels sad sometimes, but when sadness lingers, shadows appear. Some of us, even children, chase shadows. 

Will a wriggly, mischievous surprise help Beth chase her shadows away?

The book uses gentle poetic language to address depression in children but it can be simply enjoyed as the story of a dad who buys a puppy to cheer up his daughter and it takes her a while to learn how to love him.

This makes an ideal book to keep in vet waiting rooms or for use in schools and libraries.

Hardcover, 32 pages
Publisher: Ford Street Publishing Pty Ltd, 1st March 2014
For Ages: 5+ years old

RRP: $26.95

by Amy L. Curran

'A Pawfect Christmas' features hand drawn illustrations by Australian Illustrator Amy Curran.

Combining forty eight illustrations featuring purebred dogs in Christmas themes, makes this the pawfect gift for young dog lovers to keep them busy during the holidays!

Paperback, 52 pages
Publisher: Pink Coffee Publishing, 19th September 2017
For Ages: 0-12 years old

RRP: $19.95 from

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