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GoGetMe Dog Subscription Box Review

GoGetMe is a high-quality dog subscription box which delivers a box of premium quality toys, treats, tips and tricks delivered right to your door every month.

Whether your dog is left alone at home for most of the day and needs mental stimulation or you want to spoil your furry friend at Christmas time, there is a lot to like in this concept!


Life can make it hard to find time to run all our own errands, let alone shop around for the best toys and treats to pamper our pooches! This is where the GoGetMe team steps in, scouting for toys that last longer than a few hours to keep your dogs stimulated and healthy natural treats to keep them healthy and happy!

Each monthly box contains 5 to 7 handpicked items tailored to your dog’s size, normally including two treats, two toys, plus chews and an assortment of other dog products. Every month the box includes different items so you’ll never see the same product twice. 

With all the selected dog treats and chews, the focus is on organic, natural, grain free and single ingredient products. GoGetMe is proudly supporting Dogs for Kids with Disabilities with 10% of all profits going to this cause.


The quirky shape and design of the GoGetMe box, bright yellow complete with knotted rope, certainly grabbed our attention! The team must be great at Tetris as once all the items were out, there was no chance we could pack that box again!

We always check out the toys first but our dogs were more interested in the smells emanating from the box...

The NERF DOG Infinity Tug Toy is designed for long-lasting games of tug-of-war between you and your dog or multiple dogs. This tough toy is made from durable rubber with an exterior texture like a tire track to assist with grip.

It is shaped like an infinity symbol to allow each participant to tug from their end. This durable toy is great for tough chewers as it promises to stand up to the test. It comes in Large only (25.4 cm long) which is a great size for our Belgian Shepherds.

The JW Monkey Fist Ball is perfect for dogs who love chewing rope toys and also chasing balls. 

We could not judge its 'fun and erratic bounce' on our overgrown lawn however I can foresee many hours of dedicated chewing from our Malinois to untangle all these knots!

The K9 Natural Beef Feast Toppers were a timely inclusion as we'd run out of dog food and were preparing some home cooked meals during that week! 

The toppers are made with 90% New Zealand grass-fed beef and 5% vegetables and fruit. They are free from grain, gluten and GMO ingredients. 

They were very easy to sprinkle over our senior dog's food for a nutrient-packed high meat boost.

Also included was a pack of Blackdog Shark Cartilage dog treats (100g). Made from the cartilage of shark spine, these chewy treats are rich in protein (51%) and a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin which helps keep dogs’ joints healthy so they're great for those dogs suffering from arthritis.
Our dogs loved their smelly fishy munchies but a word of advice: these are best kept for outdoor use as they pack a punch! 

Probably why they were so popular... To date, this is the best shaped treat we have found for use in our Kong Goodie Bone chew toy as they fit the slots perfectly!

Also included was a sample pack (40g) of 
natural premium treats by Pure Pet Products Ruby Rose’s Chicken Chunks  handmade in Perth. Suitable for both dogs and cats, these treats contain 71% protein and only 7% fat as they're made with 100% chicken tenderloin and skinless chicken breast. Our dogs would have enjoyed a much larger pack!

We also received three GoGetMe Kangaroo sticks with 100% kangaroo meat and no preservatives. These natural high protein chews were clearly our dogs' favourites as it was very difficult to keep them from eating them during the photo shoot!

The box comes with some colourful cards: one details all the items in your monthly box, handy if you're not familiar with some of these brands or products. As the focus is on keeping dogs entertained, there's also a 'GoGetMe a Trick' - this month's trick was how to teach your pooch to give you a hug. There was also a 'GoGetMe a Tip' explaining why our dogs love ripping up their toys... 


We were impressed with the excellent customer service and the prompt delivery we received from GoGetMe. Boxes are delivered after the 15th of each month to current subscribers.

We also appreciated the fact that the company took the trouble to customise our November box to include tough toys suited to our pack of active chewers. Please note this option will be available to all box subscribers in 2018.

The main thing we're looking for these days is "do we get good value for money" and we think that GoGetMe certainly delivered on its promise. The retail value of sourcing these high-quality dog toys and treats individually (plus shipping) would certainly exceed the cost of the one-off box and you'd also miss the element of surprise!

All the products we received were high-quality items in their own right and were thoroughly enjoyed by our pack! 


RRP: from $39-$49 on a monthly subscription; $55 for a one-off Gift Box exclusively from 

GoGetMe Christmas themed box is available for $60 (includes free shipping Australia wide). 

This box will be themed and packed with extra Christmas goodies with only a limited number available. 

For Christmas 2019, use your unique code ADLXMAS to receive $10 off and order before December 18th for pre-Christmas delivery. Order yours at

Disclaimer: product gifted by GoGetMe for editorial consideration

Last updated, 28th October 2019

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