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Frog Dog Studios - Pet Photography

Pay attention Melbourne "wannabe pooch supermodels" because there is a new kind of pet photography in town! Frog Dog Studios are now taking appointments and are ready to turn your best friend into a work of art!

What is the Inspiration behind Frog Dog Studios?

Frog Dog Studios officially opened in February this year, however 
this business has been evolving behind the scenes for years...

Let us introduce you to 
Belinda Richards, the photographer and brains behind this operation who has been working with animals - primarily dogs - for the past seventeen years. At the ripe old age of twenty one, she started her first business as a dog groomer which set the pace for things to come. Belinda went on to work in animal welfare and provided after hours emergency services for all kinds of animals. 

This position eventually led her down the path of animal management and owner education. Over the years Belinda has had extensive experience with all kinds of dogs and always had a keen interest in canine psychology and behaviour.

"Smooshie" the French Bulldog - Frog Dog Studios
One day she started thinking about what direction she wanted to head next? Having always had a passion for the arts, she enrolled in a Diploma of Photography that led to a Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT. 

The natural progression was to combine her two loves and open Frog Dog Studios which is all about the celebration of the amazing connection we have with our best friends.

Having just completed extensive research into what was available for those wishing to have their best friends photographed, Belinda decided that she wanted to offer a different kind of experience. 

Inspired by her French Bulldog “Smooshie”, she set out to design a studio environment with the intent of creating artwork of your pets, not just photographs.
"Smooshie" also inspired her choice of business name: French Bulldogs are sometimes affectionately called "Frog Dogs" because they sit and lay with their back legs out like frogs! 

So what can you expect from your Photo Session at Frog Dog Studios?

All sessions take place in a warm and comfortable studio, which gives Belinda complete control over lighting, positioning, colour and action. Maybe not your pet's behaviour, but that can be a good thing! It is a place designed for people and their best friends to have fun and be themselves. 

Indy - Credit: Frog Dog Studios

Once in the studio posing is not encouraged. Belinda prefers to let your pet shine and capture their personality by evolving her artwork around them.

Does your dog like to catch or play tug of war? Or perhaps they are more relaxed and like to lay around? Don't think your pet would sit still long enough? Great! That's when she gets the best shots. 

Using high speed photography techniques Belinda is able to capture all the humorous moments that make our best friends who they are. Check out some of her work here.

A different approach to Package Pricing...

All finished products are hand printed, certified and guaranteed by Belinda herself. There are many options available from fine art prints to handmade albums and the only limit here is your imagination (and maybe your wallet!).

Frog Dog Studios is also different in its approach to package pricing. Ever signed up for a "reasonable" photography session fee to find out later that your images are going to cost you thousands on top of that? Frog Dog Studio packages are all inclusive!

You can choose from one of their set packages or have one custom designed specific to your needs but you will know the cost upfront every timeSo now everyone is able to spoil themselves without any hidden surprises! 

Frog Dog Studios acknowledges that photography is a luxury item but they want everyone to have the chance to celebrate with their best friends, so interest-free payment plans and gift certificates are available.

Giving back to Animal Rescue Groups 

Chiko the Bull Terrier - Frog Dog Studios

The last thing we love about Frog Dog Studios is their ethos: Belinda has set out to create a socially conscious business model and her aim is to help support dog rescue groups and animal charities.

She has already supplied some of her favourite rescue groups (No Hairs Ark, Pawsome Friends Pets of the Homeless, Working Breed Rehab Victoria and others) with vouchers to help with fundraising and she is building relationships with others. 

Eventually Belinda has big plans for raising funds with her artwork but we will have to wait and see what she gets up to next!

Where: 80 Anderson Street, Yarraville, VIC, 3013

To find out more, please visit

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