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Pawgie - Natural Meat & Fish Dog Treats Review

Some of you may already be familiar with the Pawgie special occasion gift boxes for dogs and cats? Our twin Malinois did sample one of their Birthday boxes last year and you can read our review here...

The company recently introduced their own range of natural meat and fish treats, which is bound to become a new favourite in Australian households! 

Providing meat and fish proteins is an essential component of a balanced diet for your dogs and cats. Not only is it nutritionally beneficial but they also help prevent and remove tartar and plaque build-up on their teeth. 

All the Pawgie treats are free from additives and preservatives and are made from dried 100% Australian meat and fish using one single ingredient. They are made here in Australia so you're supporting Australian businesses all the way!

The range includes some perennial favourites like jerky and liver with some interesting novelties such as deliciously crunchy fish bait - we take our dogs' word for it! - or their favourite, lamb lungs. I guess they won't be turning vegetarians any time soon...


  • Beef Liver: Not only is it tasty for your dog or cat, but it is protein rich and packed with vitamins and minerals. Beef liver is high in vitamin A and contains a number of B vitamins too. (also available for cats)
  • Chicken Necks: High in protein and promotes promotes healthy teeth and gums. This is an all-in-one mix of bone and meat which contains a variety of vitamins and minerals.

  • Shark Cartilage: A great healthy chew treat, which stimulates the dog's immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce inflammation and joint swelling. 
  • Kangaroo Tendons: A great low fat, high protein chew treat, which promotes healthy teeth and gums. Kangaroo meat is a source of healthy omega 3 fat, which is great for your dog's skin, coat and their heart.
  • Kangaroo Jerky: Low in fat and high in protein and packed with vitamin and minerals, including B-group vitamins, Iron and Zinc and a source of omega 3 fat.
  • Lamb Lung: High in protein, low in fat and a great source of vitamins and minerals. This treat has a soft texture, making it easy to break down to your preferred size. This is an ideal treat for dogs with sensitive teeth.

* Aussie Fish: Protein rich, it contains only healthy fats, such as Omega 3. Also high in amino acids, which is great for the immune system and skin conditions. (also available for cats).


RRP: $7.99-$8.99 at

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