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Fur Legged Family - Snuffler Mat Review

The Snuffler Mat provides great mental stimulation for your pets as they will need to work for their treats! Providing enrichment ensures your dog will have less time to be bored or engage in destructive behaviour (chewing and digging)!


The Snuffler Mats are all handmade using a thick safety rubber mat as a base and quality fleece tied in knots as a cover. This creates a sea of plush tangles easy for your dog to lift or push around with his/her nose. 

Simply sprinkle some of their favourite treats (we like beef liver for this exercise) in their mat and watch them sniff these out one by one... Depending on how skilled your dog is at picking scents, this could last a long time or in our case under 2 minutes to locate well over 20 treats! 
To be sure they did not miss any, we turned the mat upside down and gave it a good shake but no, they got them all!

You could incorporate the Snuffler Mat into your dog's normal meal time routine, making it more fun by feeding your dog their kibble or biscuits in the mat.

Not only will this process slow down a fast eater but your dog will love every second of it! 

Maybe not such a great idea if your dogs are enjoying a raw food or home-cooked diet...

We are lucky that our Malinois siblings are happy to share food and treats and regularly assist each other finishing off their meals. However, to ensure harmony in a multi-dog household, you may want to buy each dog their own individual mat and avoid any potential disagreements. This also ensures they receive equal amounts of food and/or treats and nobody misses out!

An important word of warning: supervise your dog at all times when introducing a new item to ensure it cannot be chewed up or swallowed. 

Don’t have a dog? Cats and guinea pigs love the Snuffler Mat too! 

Fur Legged Family is an online pet retailer, specialising in quality unique, creative and often handmade products and services.

Set up by two animal lovers, at least 20% of all profits are donated to animal rescue organisations. By buying a product not only are you supporting an Australian small business but you will be helping the dogs...


Available in Small* (20 x 30cm), Medium* (30 x 30cm) or Large* (40 x 30cm).
* this refers to the size of the underlay, e.g. the overall Mat Size for the Medium is approximately 55cm all around.

With the custom-made option, you can choose from four colours including: 
Black, Pink, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Grey, Orange & White

RRP: from $35 at

Disclaimer: product gifted by Fur Legged Family for editorial consideration

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