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Dog Lovers Book Club - September 2016

Pawtraits of Pets & People is a limited edition hardcover coffee table book which will be enjoyed by all animal lovers and would make a great Christmas present!


by Julie Ewing, Brooke Lewis

All 128 pages are filled with beautiful images of much loved pets and their families. Dogs of all shapes and sizes, cats, horses, rabbits, alpacas even a python and a rooster are amongst the pages, photographed in parks, on farms, at homes, on beaches in and around Melbourne and in award-winning photographer Julie Ewing’s outdoor studio.

The images are accompanied by heartfelt stories written by the owners, making this book not only visually “paw"some, but also a great read.

100% of session fees (totalling $8,000) was donated to two very worthy charities Assistance Dogs Australia and New Beginnings Animal Rescueat the book launch on 31st July. 

Published by Lifeworks Photography - PAWtraits, Pet and People photography
Printed by Bambra press, South Melbourne.

RRP: $148 (free shipping in Australia) at or call (03) 9482 2006. There are only a small number of copies available so you will need to be quick!

by Louis de Bernieres

Young Mick's life has been turned upside down. His father has recently passed away, and with his mother struggling to cope with her grief, the energetic 11-year-old city boy is sent to stay with his eccentric grandfather in the Pilbara. 

Mick loves being with his granpa amid the red dust of outback Western Australia, but things really spring to life after a damaging storm when he saves a Kelpie pup from drowning. The boy and the puppy whom his grandfather names Blue quickly become inseparable pals, as Mick tackles the sometimes-unexpected obstacles of this unforgiving landscape with a devoted canine companion at his side. 

Told with verve and simplicity by the author of the bestselling Red Dog, this is beautifully written book is a nostalgic tale of a fearless young boy on the cusp of adolescence, his rough-edged but kindly Grandpa, and a rambunctious Kelpie with plenty more adventures ahead of him! 

Hardcover, 144 pages
Publisher: Random House Australia, 1st August 2016

RRP: $23.25 at

by Rosemary & Robert Forrester

This is a rollicking read for adventurous dog lovers. 
Follow the adventures of an irrepressible Jack Russell Terrier, third mate onboard the elegant yet rugged yacht Deusa. Robert and Rosemary, husband and wife, merge into a wonderfully crafted triangle with Tara, the terrier who sailed around the world with them for 14 magic years.

The engaging, informative style never leaves you becalmed in a sea of boredom. The maps of each part of the voyage will guide you as you plunge into a journey across the Hemispheres from Cartagena, South America to Mozambique, South America. Experience the trauma of Tara overboard, the vibrant cultures of the Islanders, the quirks of the officious guardians of the harbours of the world and what really happens when you irritate an octopus...

This is only one of many dog books available from the marvellous kennel of Hubble & Hattie – specialists in non-fiction dog books.

Publisher: Hubble & Hattie UK, 21st August 2016

RRP: $18.50 from

by Trish Harris

This is a must-read book for any dog owner in a multi-dog household who is experiencing fighting amongst their dogs, is concerned about the potential for fights, or wishes to set systems in place to stop fights from occurring.

Author Trish Harris is the owner and head instructor of Four Paws K9 Training and has been training dogs for the past 20 years, focusing on problem behaviours in dogs and dog aggression cases.

In her book, she discusses some of the reasons why fighting amongst dogs occurs, triggers that can set off fights, and what owners should do if a fight erupts. She explains what behaviours to look out for and outlines what constitutes a ‘serious fight’, providing photos and diagrams for clarification. The book also includes case studies from Trish’s own experience as a dog trainer and showcases how these simple skills and instructions can work to create a peaceful multi-dog household.

Publisher: InHouse Publishing, September 2016 

RRP: $25.00 at

Kids' Corner

by Jen Storer, illustrated by Andrew Joyner 

Trucks, cranes, mixers and diggers, and one very determined builder's dog... This funny, sweet picture book is really about finding your place in the world and being part of a team.

Meet Blue, the Builder's Dog. On the construction site, he's part of the team. He guards the tools, signs the concrete slabs and keeps stickybeaks away.

But Blue doesn't have a house of his own. The builder has one. The chippie has one. The architect and the big bosses have one. So he decides to quit and build one himself...

Hardback, 32 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia, 29 August 2016

Ages: 5-9 years old

RRP: $24.99 from 

by Clair Hume

Do dogs dream?
Does tail-wagging always show that a dog is happy?
Is a Pug really related to a wolf?
Can a dog be trained to ride a horse?

For thousands of years, dogs have been our best friends. They've kept us company, entertained us and even saved our lives.

In this fun and fascinating book, Clair Hume (with the help of her dog, Dave) explores all sorts of remarkable facts and stories about dogs. Do You Love Dogs? will help you understand more about the wonderful world of our canine companions. You'll probably end up looking at them in a completely different way!

Paperback, 160 pages
Publisheer: Penguin Books Australia, 25 March 2015
Ages: 6-9 years old

RRP: $14.25 from

by Dav Pilkey

New from the creators of Captain Underpants, it's Dog Man, the crime-biting canine who is part dog, part man, and ALL COP! George and Harold have created a new hero who digs into deception, claws after crooks, and rolls over robbers.

When Greg the police dog and his cop companion are injured on the job, a life-saving surgery changes the course of history, and Dog Man is born. With the head of a dog and the body of a human, this heroic hound has a real nose for justice. But can he resist the call of the wild to answer the call of duty? 

This new series from Dav Pilkey may use conventional spelling but it is still full of all the same humour and fun as his previous graphic novels!

Hardcover, 240 pages
Publisher: Scholastic US, 1st September 2016
Ages: 6-9 years old

RRP: $15.99 at

by Alison Lester

From Australia's favourite picture-book creator, comes this energetic story about a little dog who causes a big commotion.

Meet my dog Bigsy. He's only small, but everyone knows he's the boss. Each morning he visits the animals on the farm. Squawk, neigh, quack, moo, baa, oink, cluck, purr, ruff ruff ruff! What a lot of noise! And all because of Bigsy!

 Nominated as The Book of the Year: Early Childhood 2016 (Notable).

Hardback, 32 pages
Publisher: Penguin Australia (Imprint: Viking), 21 October 2015
Ages: 3-6 years old

RRP:$24.99 at

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