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EYENIMAL – LED Light Dog Collars

Having just celebrated the winter solstice, we are officially in the depths of winter (pretty tame from any European's perspective) which means long nights and short days.
If your only option to take Rover for a walk is early mornings or in the evenings after work, chances are it will be pitch dark.

The EYENIMAL Light Collars are high-visibility collars providing added safety at night, especially when you are crossing the road. Aside from being a great conversation starter at the offleash park (this is cool!), they come into their own at dusk especially you have not yet mastered the art of the perfect recall….


The dog collars themselves are made of hard-wearing nylon and if you get caught in the rain, they are waterproof. We would not recommend your dog wears them for a swim in the pool or the dam though...

If you get easily bored (let's face it some conversations tend to drag on...) the LED lighting comes with 3 light working modes: quick flashing, slow flashing and permanent light. 

If you have left your dog off the leash, this LED Collar's visibility range is up to 200 metres.

The EYENIMAL Light Collars are powered by 2 replaceable batteries (3v) which should provide you with a full 72 hours autonomy.

The Light Collars come in a range of colours: Blue, Red and Green. 
They are available in 5 sizes (XS / S / M / L / XL) for a perfect fit!


RRP: $24.95 (includes free delivery) from

A must-have safety accessory for any active dog!


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