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DOOG - Dog Walking Bags

Have you ever struggled to carry all your essentials (keys, phone, dog treats, waste bags etc.) when you are out walking your dogs? We certainly have and we think we have now found the perfect solution!

Designed by Australian company DOOG, the
 cross body Walkie shoulder bag solved the problems we faced when trying to carry everything without needing a backpack!


We road tested our favourite design - blue and white polka dot - of the DOOG Walkie Bag with our Malinois both during extended hikes or attending a number of Dogs Day Out.

Depending on the occasion, we packed dog treats, a collapsible water bowl, a smartphone and extra tidy bags just in case!  Not that we needed to take these… We discovered our DOOG Walkie Bag includes a built-in front pocket which allows you to pull out waste bags individually – just like you would with a box of tissues – and this feature is a real space spacer. A replacement pouch can be easily inserted via the top velcro opening.

There was plenty of space to fit everything we needed inside the Walkie Bag, but it also features a handy mesh pocket on the outside where you could fit a tennis ball (if you are heading to the dog park) without having to carry it in your coat or trouser pocket – this is fine on the way in but not so great after your ball has landed in a couple of muddy puddles! 

In the summer months you could slip a bottle of water into the netted compartment, ensuring both you and your dogs stay hydrated on your walks.

There is a very deep (20cm high) central storage compartment giving us all the room we needed to carry a full size wallet, a set of keys, a small bag of treats, a pack of tissues and a collapsible water bowl on hot days etc.

There is a handy waterproof zipped compartment inside the bag which is clear so you can easily see what’s inside: this provided us with the perfect spot to keep our mobile phone, ensuring it was kept secure, concealed and waterproof.

If you are going on offleash walks in the country or state forests and practice recall with a dog whistle, you could attach it easily to the extra metal loop provided on the left side of the bag to maintain simple access.

The shoulder bag is secured by a flap which is used to close the bag fully. It is held in place by a simple magnetic popper so there’s no fumbling around trying to open it and is perfect for winter months when you may be wearing gloves in the mornings..


The DOOG Walkie Bags are very stylish, cross-body dog walking bags with these two recent additions to the range. 
Our favourite is the Polka Dot Blue & White design with its  navy/white strap. With another four designs to choose from (Grey, Blue, Khaki and Black) in this range, you will find a model to suit your tastes or walking outfit. 

It is a very easy bag to use with no fiddly zips or multiple sections of fabric to manipulate and just one straightforward flap to seal the bag with a magnetic popper.

The fabric is a beautifully soft but robust cotton mix and with everyday use of the bag it has bedded in well.

The DOOG Walkie Bag is an ideal bag for dog walks but easily becomes a useful casual bag when popping to your local markets or cafe.

We liked the appearance and the functionality offered by the DOOG Walkie Bag. It solves many problems by being big enough to carry everything, but made of a lightweight fabric, it isn't too heavy and you can easily forget you're carrying a bag. This bag is perfect for dog walks of course but it is so versatile that we have now used it many times as a carry-all on casual outings as well.


RRP: $44.95 at

Disclaimer: we received this product complimentary from DOOG for review purposes.

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