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2022 Australian Dog Courses & Seminars

From December 12 -16, 2022 - Decoding Your Canine - The Holiday Edition, Online

Decoding Your Canine Summit - The Holiday Edition
 is starting on December 12.

Bringing together 25 international dog experts talking all things... you guessed it, dog! That includes training, behaviour, health & wellbeing ... Over 5 action-packed days - and it's all free!

Covering everything from aggression, reactivity, puppies, allergies, diet & behaviour, predation substitution, recall, TTouch, CBD and so much more... you can even learn how to turn your dog into a film star!

You just need to sign up and register below to take part. 

From January 5, 2023 - Calmer Canine, Happier Home - Online Course

Want to show off your canine team's progress and new skills for Christmas or from now on?

✔️ Have you had family or friends avoiding visiting you at home “because of your dog”?
✔️ Have you felt ostracised, alone, judged and criticised with your special needs fur kid?
✔️ Maybe you felt some moments of embarrassment or felt guilty?
✔️ Or maybe you have many achievements in your life to be proud of, but there’s just this ONE thing: you are feeling stuck with your challenging dog?

Dogs At their Best
 have a solution for you, a
 homestudy course called "Calmer Canine Happier Home"; a method that gives you calming practices for you, for your dog, for you with your dog.

This 5-week course will start on the January 5th 2023 officially, but if you enrol now, you can already go through the Game Plan 1 and see how easy and simple you can already witness changes for your canine team by Christmas if you start NOW.

You get 40% discount off what the price will be in January 2023 if you enrol before December 20, 2022.

There are only 20 discount coupons available until 20th December 2022. Find more details on the course and to book here 

From January 6, 2023 - DogFit Agility Foundations (NSW)

DogFit Conditioning & Performance are offering 
Agility Foundations for those wanting to learn agility to compete, from the very beginning.

Tunnels and Jumps with foundation contact skills. Over 7 sessions, you'll learn the basics of jumps and tunnels, skills for handling, and begin to sequence.
Sessions run for 45mins from 1:15pm on Friday afternoons in an undercover arena at Mangrove Mountain.

The next available dates are: 6, 13 January, 2023

* Dogs must be 10 months to start this class. Dogs will not do any bar jumping unless they are older than 14months. Maximum of 6 dogs/class.
For enquiries, click here

From January 15, 2023 - 90-day Dog Business Booster (online)

The 90-Day Business Booster is a 100% online course, hosted by Colleen O'Dea from Manners 'N' More Companion Dog Training. You know there are elements of your business offerings that aren't working and in desperate need of a revamp. 
But you just haven't got around to doing it.

The bad news is, the longer you leave it the greater the possibility of you losing more profit.

This course is 100% online - flexibility is key.
✔️ Weekly group zoom sessions
✔️ Pre-recorded sessions
✔️ Private sessions with Colleen
✔️ Private FB Page for continued discussions.
✔️ 12 month-access to all materials.

Once you've completed 'The Booster' you can consider onboarding into further modules for the 'Elevate' series.

For more details, please visit the Facebook Event's Page here.

From January 16, 2023 - RSPCA Animal Care Studies (NSW)

Are you looking to work with animals? Study with the RSPCA (RTO Code 70238) for an all-inclusive 10-week intensive experience!

Their ACM20121 Certificate II in Animal Care allows students to develop practical skills while gaining a real world understanding of animal care and welfare requirements.

✔️ 10-week intensive course
✔️ Nationally recognised qualification
✔️ Guaranteed work placement
✔️ Limited numbers and intimate learning environment
✔️ Competitive pricing

Students will learn the fundamental skills needed to care for domestic animals and will undertake work placement at one of five RSPCA NSW facilities. These include locations in Sydney and Katoomba, and across the Illawarra, Central Coast and Hunter Regions.

2023 Courses Dates

The course dates listed below are indicative only and may be subject to change.
  • 16th January 2023 – 26th March 2023
  • 13th March 2023 – 21th May 2023
  • 8th May 2023 – 16th July 2023
  • 3th July 2023 – 10th September 2023
  • 28th August 2023 – 5th November 2023
  • 23th October 2023 – 14th January 2024 (includes break over Christmas period)
For more information on the ACM20121 Certificate II in Animal Care, please visit 

From January 20, 2023 - Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Foster Carer Information Days

Seeing Eye Dogs are looking for loving homes for Seeing Eye Dogs pups across Australia. 

This program is taking applications across the majority of local government areas across metropolitan Melbourne, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, Bendigo and Ballarat regions, as well as selected areas in the Sunshine Coast and northern Brisbane in Queensland.

Come and meet their pups and chat with their friendly staff and carers online about the joys of puppy caring.

* In-person
Register for your chosen in-person session(s): Friday, 20 January 2023, 12.00pm
Friday, 14 April 2023, 12.00pm
Friday, 7 July 2023, 12.00pm

* Online
Register via the Zoom link for the online sessions: Wednesday, 22 February 2023, 06.00pm
Tuesday, 21 March 2023, 12.00pm

From January 26-29, 2023 - Hu-Cane Retreats series (Online)

Brought to you by Noëlle, your Canine Team Wellness Coach and creator of the Hu-Cane Retreat, and Diane Garrod your canine behaviour expert with her proprietary Canine Emotional Detox system, with guest presenter Diann Alexander, your sound healer and confidence coach, multiple agility champion over 11 years in the US with her late Tinkerbell.

This Hu-cane Retreats series will enable you to get to see your dog happier, more relaxed and able to respond to you with joy and enthusiasm. ultimately allowing you to share a better quality of life together where each of you is at their best.

Hu-Cane Stress Release & Beyond Retreat will have you both calmer and refreshed, with a new experience for you and your dog where you can FEEL and BE different from the usual stressful episodes you are going through on a regular basis.
Renew your hope of a bright(er) future for you and your furkid.

- Part 1: 26th - 29th January 2023
Healing your relationship with your challenging furkid for a closer bond and a deeper connection.

- Part 2: 3rd - 5th February 2023
Building a mutually trusting relationship with your challenging furkid with the 3Cs for a (more) rewarding fulfilling and joyful life together.

Have your life with your dog take a huge turn for the better, for a happier and easier life for you both, with peace of mind, calmness, growth, closer connection and deeper bond, with trust and a renewed relationship to be proud of and to enjoy.
So book only one or the whole series with this link where you can learn more. And let yourself be surprised by what and how much you and your dog can do together

For more information, visit

From February 18, 2023 - Pet CPR & First Aid Classes (VIC)

Recognised as the only
"Certified" Pet First Aid / CPR Course in Australia (PACCC).
The training is taught by lecture, demonstration and hands-on skill practice; the cost of the class includes a detailed PetSaver™ handbook and upon successful completion, each participant will receive a certificate. You may also like to purchase a PetSaver™ patch to wear on your uniform or pet first aid kit. This qualification is valid for two years.
You’ll learn:
  • Restraining & muzzling
  • Rescue breathing
  • Canine & feline CPR
  • Choking management
  • Assessing the pets' vitals
  • Snout-to-tail assessment
  • Bleeding & shock management
  • Insect bites/stings & snakebites
When: Saturday 18th February 2023
Where: Fomdac, Aranga Avenue, Donvale VIC
(Free Parking; dogs are welcome to attend).
Cost: $150.00 per person (morning tea is included)
To book, visit

From March 31 - April 2, 2023 - Aggression & Separation Anxiety in Dogs Seminar (NSW)

The Big Two! - Aggression and Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Three days with Michael Shikashio CDBC and Dr. Moira Hechenleitner DVM, CSAT

When: 31 Mar 2023, 9:00 am AEDT – 02 Apr 2023, 5:00 pm AEST

Where: Rydges Central 28 Albion St Surry Hills NSW 2010

Friday (All sessions include time for Q&A)
Friday is targeting people in the workforce who meet dogs on a daily basis. Ideal for Shelter Workers, Foster Carers, Dog Daycare Staff, Veterinary Clinic Staff, Dog Walkers, Postal Workers, Meter readers and anyone.

For more details and to RSVP, please click here

From 1st April 2023 - Delta Institute Certificate IV Animal Behaviour

Delta Institute's ACM40321 Certificate IV in Animal Behaviour and Training is a nationally recognised vocational training course. This course offers you a pathway to a rewarding career as a positive reinforcement dog training professional.

Delta has collaborated with Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA) to provide their students with professional experience in positive reinforcement dog training. Find out more about the exciting Delta Institute X PPGA collaboration.

This course has been designed and developed by experts in their fields including Veterinarian Specialist in Behavioural Medicine (Dr Jacqueline Ley), behaviour veterinarians, professional dog trainers, highly successful dog training business owners and talented business communication specialists.

To receive more course information and to be placed on the contact list when enrolments open in March 2023, please register your interest here 

Any time - Dog Swimming Lessons, Sydney (NSW)

K9 SWiM Hydrotherapy & Wellness Centre are running one-on-one learn to swim lessons for puppies and adult dogs on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday by bookings only.

For all enquiries or bookings email or call 1300 787 064 during business hours.

Any time - Emergency Evacuation Plan For Safe Paws (Online)

No time to lose, the time is now to get it done!

Avoid tragedy, avoid the fear of having to leave your dog behind, or not cared for in these highly stressful situations where time is of the essence. Get prepared and organised to take action to save time and save the life of your entire household and especially your dog.

This course is a vital skill to have for your dog to be in safe hands in a timely manner and for you to have peace of mind of being and feeling ready. You may have resources about it, but Dogs At Their Best presents this course as an active training with actions to take at each step. Your plan will be:

✔️ written and acted upon
✔️ memorised not only in your mind but also in your muscles as you will enact it

You will know what to work on with your dog to get him prepared and “easy to handle” so that your evacuation with your dog goes as smoothly as possible. You will be able to check the skills your dog has already to respond to you if in an urgent situation.

Cost: $47 per household (everybody needs to be involved)

Start here now 

Any time - Animal Sense On Demand Webinars

Presented by Perth Veterinary Behaviourist Dr Nicole Lobry De Bruyn come two
 NEW exciting webinars for Animal Sense clients - "Right Start Puppy" helps identify those early red flags in young dogs and what to look out for when caring for a puppy and "The complicated canine" webinar outlines the ways in which caregivers can help navigate life with an anxious dog and help them live their best lives.

One hour automated webinar - "RIGHT START PUPPY"

Cost: $39.50 available for watch anytime: REGISTER HERE

​One and a half hour automated webinar - "THE COMPLICATED CANINE - A CAREGIVER'S GUIDE"

Cost: $39.50 available for watch anytime: ​REGISTER HERE

Any time - IMDT Webinars (online)

Dog Stars - Training for TV, Film and Stage

An informative 45-minute webinar for professional dog trainers, where we take a close look at training for TV, film and stage, presented by Laura Ryder from IMDT Australia. Lights, camera, woof... action!

What will be covered:
* Talent required - the selection process
* Preparing for the big day – training considerations and challenges
* Industry expectations – tips for working with production cast and crew
* On set – what to expect
* Creative solutions for common issues
This is a pre-recorded webinar – purchase now, watch now!

Cost $30.00. Details at

Scentsationalise your services

An informative 60-minute webinar about how important scent is for our pet dogs and how you can ‘scentsationalise’ your pet dog services.

Whether you are a trainer (group classes or one to ones), walker, groomer, veterinary professional, behaviour consultant or pet dog owner, this hour long webinar will provide you with lots of practical tips that will not only improve the lives of the dogs in your care, but will also help make your services a step above the rest.

This webinar is presented by IMDT Australia Instructor Fiona Cowie who has spent most of her life immersed in scenting activities for dogs – from 14 years as a professional detector dog handler and 6 years teaching scent work to pet dog clients. 

She also has a wide range of other experiences from designing sniffari gardens for veterinary practices and successfully using scent-based activities for behavioural clients. Happy Sniffing!
This is a pre-recorded webinar – purchase now, watch now!

Cost: $30.00. Details at

Any Time - Pet Sitter / Dog Walker Course, National (online)
Do you dream of working with animals? Then being a pet sitter/dog walker might be the answer! Get your confidence up and understand the standard of care the RSPCA expects and how to handle potentially tricky situations.

Like our human family members, pets don't come with an instruction book! Completing this course will give you a sound introduction to caring for domestic animals in Australia 
and is a must for any animal lover, particularly those wishing to work with domestic animals or in the pet care industry.

The PetCloud Pet Sitting course provides an outstanding opportunity for you to learn about pets and how to meet their many and various needs.

This is a short course, designed to be completed in about 2 hours online. The course includes two modules set by PetCloud and RSPCA.

When: Start Any time 

For more details, click here

Are you running Dog Courses, Dog Seminars / Webinars or a Conference aimed at dog owners or pet industry professionals in 2022? 

Simply email with all the details and photo(s) to be added to our listing (free).