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Dog Training Collaboration between Delta Institute and PPGA

Delta Institute and Pet Professional Guild Australia collaborate to provide future dog trainers with professional experience in positive reinforcement dog training.

Delta Institute’s newly developed nationally accredited ACM40321 Certificate IV in Animal Behaviour and Training offers aspiring professional dog trainers an evidence-based education and professional experience in the field of positive reinforcement dog training.

“Delta’s Certificate IV in Animal Behaviour and Training has been developed in close consultation with industry and by members of the Delta Institute Expert Advisory Committee, who all bring a wealth of knowledge, industry experience, and insight into positive reinforcement training and the human-animal bond. 

It is robust and steeped in evidence-based theory alongside real world experiences that set students up for success. Key to this is experiencing the industry first-hand. Our collaboration with Pet Professional Guild Australia enables the next generation of positive reinforcement dog trainers to engage with and learn from like-minded professionals from the start of their careers.” says Melinda Farrell, CEO Delta Institute.

Through the collaboration with Pet Professional Guild of Australia (PPGA), Delta Institute students enrolled in the Certificate IV in Animal Behaviour and Training will have the opportunity to connect with professional dog trainers practicing positive reinforcement training as part of their professional experience requirements of the course.
“Our collaboration with Delta Institute is an exciting step in building a community of dog trainers who are committed to positive reinforcement training of the highest standards. 
Both the Delta Institute and Pet Professional Guild Australia share values and mission in supporting and encouraging a bond between people and their family pets that is both mutually beneficial and improves the quality of life they share.” – Barbara Hodel, President PPGA

The collaboration between the Delta Institute and PPGA will see students observe and shadow a positive reinforcement dog trainer for a minimum of three group training sessions. This will give students valuable exposure to high quality positive reinforcement dog training in practice, and the real life needs of dogs and their families.

Delta Institute’s purpose is to help animals bring joy to people. The Delta Institute believes that a better relationship between people and dogs will lead to a more enriched and fulfilled life for humans and dogs alike. 

Delta strives to be the Australian leader in evidence-based positive reinforcement and animal assisted education in partnership with our trainers, assessors, members, volunteers, animals and community. Delta Institute is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID 90250) regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

Pet Professional Guild of Australia (PPGA) envisions a world where people and pets can live together to their mutual benefit and where pets can live and function free from physical and mental pain, stress, and fear as valued family members. PPGA’s mission is to make every pet valued member of their family and to improve the quality-of-life people share with their pets.

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MEDIA RELEASE, 7th December 2021

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