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Charlotte Bryan launches The Dog Podcast

The Dog Podcast's first episode features Jo Burton on the benefits of Freework for Dogs 

Charlotte Bryan is excited to announce the launch of her new podcast, The Dog Podcast

The inaugural episode features Jo Burton from Paw and Order Noosa, a specialist in canine communication and Freework for dogs.

In this captivating first episode, Charlotte Bryan and Jo Burton dive deep into the world of Freework, a revolutionary approach to canine education and well-being. 

Jo, who holds a Diploma in Canine Communication and an Advanced Certificate in Canine Reactive Behaviour, shares her extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

The episode covers a wide range of topics, including:

✔️ The Concept of Freework: An integrated, multimodal approach to canine education that focuses on observing dogs’ posture, movement, and nervous system responses.

✔️ Historical Background: Insights into the development of Freework by Sarah Fisher and its application in animal-centred education.

✔️ Benefits for Different Life Stages: How Freework benefits puppies, adolescents, adults, and senior dogs by promoting considered movement, reducing over-arousal, and aiding in physical and emotional recovery.

✔️ Dealing with Behavioural Issues: Techniques for addressing common issues such as reactivity, resource guarding, and restlessness through Freework.

✔️ Freework Set-Up: Practical advice on how pet owners can start Freework sessions at home using everyday items to create engaging and beneficial environments for their dogs.

Jo Burton emphasises the importance of giving dogs the choice to engage in activities and the positive impact this has on their overall well-being. 

Listeners will gain valuable insights into how to create a safe and enriching environment for their dogs, fostering a stronger bond and promoting better behaviour.

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About Charlotte Bryan

Charlotte Bryan is a passionate dog advocate and the host of The Dog Podcast. She is dedicated to bringing expert advice and practical tips to dog owners, helping them understand and improve their relationship with their best friends. 


About Jo Burton

Jo Burton is a canine communication and dog-human relationship specialist at Paw and Order Noosa. With numerous diplomas and awards, Jo champions choice-based training and specialises in Freework sessions that enhance the lives of dogs and their owners. 


MEDIA RELEASE, 17th June 2024

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