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OneLeash 9-In-1 Multi-Function Reflective Dog Lead

It can be hard to find the ultimate reflective dog leash that ticks all the boxes when it comes to walking or training your beloved pooch.

Sunshine Coast Dog Trainer and Behaviourist Charlotte Bryan, who owns and operates Paws, Claws & Tails, has just launched her solution to all your dog walking needs – the OneLeash™ 9 In 1 Multi-Function Reflective Dog Lead.

As well as its nine uses, the OneLeash™ is also tough, durable, made from premium quality materials and construction. 

The leash keeps the safety of your pooch in mind complete with anti-shock mechanisms, decreasing the impact to your arm, shoulder and your dog if your dog suddenly pulls on the leash, or you stop suddenly in the car.

The OneLeash™ is also reflective which increases your dog’s visibility at night, in short, the leash is every dog owner’s dream. 
It can be used as a:

✔️ Normal Dog Leash
✔️ Extra Long Dog Leash
✔️ Dog Car Seatbelt

✔️ Hands-free Shoulder Strap
✔️ Two-handed Dog Leash
✔️ Temporary Tether
✔️ Makeshift Dog Collar & Lead
✔️ Double Dog Leash and 
✔️ Triple Dog Leash (lead image)

Charlotte said it was important to make sure dog owners chose a lead that would ensure their dog is safe on walks or in the car.

"I was finding I had many different leashes for different occasions and wanted one that would do it all, particularly a leash that could double as a dog car restraint that would protect the dog from sudden jolts in the car,” she said.

“The feedback from the OneLeash™ so far is excellent. I know that OneLeash™ will prove to be hugely beneficial to dog owners across Australia as well as globally, who want to ensure that their pooch is safe on walks or on car journeys."

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $49.99 (Black only) from

MEDIA RELEASE, 15th March 2022

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