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New petition calls for allowing pets on public transport

New survey finds overwhelming support for pets being allowed on public transport

  • 88 per cent of Australians are not opposed to allowing pets on public transport.
  • Close to 4 in 5 (79 per cent) Australians are comfortable with pets on public transport, including 46 per cent who would like guidelines in place.
  • New ‘Pawtition’ is calling for uniform regulations across all states and territories to allow pets on transport.

Pet Circle, Australia’s largest online pet supplies retailer, is rallying the Australian public to sign their ‘Pawtition’ to place pressure on transport operators and ministers to meet the soaring demand for pets on transport.

The ‘Pawtition’, which is close to 20,000 signatures, is calling for uniform regulations across all states and territories to allow pets on buses, trains, trams, and domestic planes.

Recent research conducted by Pet Circle revealed that 88 per cent of Australians wouldn’t be opposed to having pets on public transport, with 33 per cent completely comfortable, 46 per cent comfortable with guidelines in place, and 9 per cent open to being convinced.

Despite 69 per cent of Australian households owning a pet, in many states and territories, pets are currently not allowed on public transport or all domestic airlines, limiting their mobility and causing distress to both pets and their owners.

Jon Wild, Pet Circle CMO, says, “At Pet Circle, we believe in bettering the lives of pets and their pet parents and feel it's about time that pets are allowed on public transport, with Australia trailing behind other countries. It will alleviate the pressures on pet owners and foster a more connected community.

“In Victoria, small pets are allowed on trains, trams and buses in a carrier, and larger dogs can travel on trains with a lead and muzzle. 

We’re asking parliamentarians and transport operators to update their regulations to be more uniform across the country.”

“Based on our research findings, nearly three out of every ten Australians who own pets face challenges accessing veterinary care without access to public transportation, which means that their pet might not be getting the healthcare that they need. 

We need to do better for our pet parents and pets.”

The Hon. Emma Hurst, from Animal Justice Party, says, “We have quiet carriages on trains, why can't we have animal friendly carriages as well? Companion animals on public transport will mean people without cars can get animals to the vets and dogs to dog parks. Plus, it will get cars off the road. 
Pounds and shelters are at capacity and our animal-UNfriendly state is making matters worse. 
It is time for NSW to catch up with the rest of the world and start allowing animals on public transport.”

Allowing pets on transport not only benefits pet parents but also the wider community. It offers support to pet parents who don’t have access to or can’t drive cars, including those with a disability or the elderly, helping them reach key pet services like vets. It reduces the reliance on cars which is better for our climate, supports return-to-office initiatives, encourages exploration of new regions across Australia boosting the economy, and helps families save on parking, ride-share, car-share, and other relocation services.

This growing movement towards making transport more accessible to pets is evident in initiatives by transport providers like Virgin Australia, which recently announced its intention to permit select pets in cabins on designated domestic routes starting in 2025

“Our petition is also directed to other domestic airlines to follow Virgin Australia in allowing pets in cabins in the next year,” added Mr Wild.

As part of the campaign, a ‘pawtest’ will also be held in mid May at the NSW Parliament House, encouraging changes to regulations following suit of states like Victoria and all pet parents and supporters are welcome to attend.

Australians can sign the ‘Pawtition’ at


Current Public Transport Regulations:

FAQs for common concerns: 

MEDIA RELEASE, 7th May 2024

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