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Kip hounds Public Transport NSW for fair rights for dog owners

With International Animal Rights Day on Saturday 10th December, 2022, the team at Kip are fighting for the rights of dog owners across New South Wales by calling for dogs to be allowed to travel on all public transportation.

Currently in NSW the ability of pets to travel on buses, light rail, ferries, and taxis rests on the fickle decisions of the drivers and crew members. Pets that are allowed to travel must be restrained in a box, basket, or other container, which problematically inhibits all large dogs from public transport.

Pets are prohibited completely from all trains and coaches, making it difficult for dog owners commuting to and from work on public transport to care for the needs of their furry friends.

“Dogs are an integral part of many people’s lives, and it is only right that they should be allowed to accompany their owners in their day to day lives. This isn’t just about animal rights, it’s about the rights of more than half of Australians,” said Will Roxburgh, a Managing Director at Kip.

With pandemic pups making up one fifth of all Aussie dogs, Australia’s dog ownership numbers have reached record highs according to the latest survey by Animal Medicines Australia [1]. Pet owners now account for 69 per cent of Australian households and the pandemic pet surge has caused a nine per cent increase in just two years.[2]

Dogs are more than just pets; they are much beloved family members of over half of the nation. With these furry four-legged children only growing in popularity as a choice of pet, it is a basic need for dogs to be involved in their owners’ day-to-day lives outside of the home.

“At Kip we have seen an influx of pet owners seeking doggy day care services, especially since the Covid puppy craze. However, with many owners relying on public transport for travel, the current restrictions are an unnecessary burden”, Mr Roxburgh said.

One of the key values of the NSW Transport is to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions to NSW’s transport needs [3]. With the post-Covid public transport requiring greater flexibility in the way dog owners can travel with their four-legged friends, NSW Transport must meet the public’s needs.

“Dog owners are facing a significant challenge with face-to-face work becoming the norm again. The last thing we need for pet parents is for there to be additional barriers to accessing essential animal services, such as doggy day care and veterinary treatment”, said Mr Roxburgh.

With both Victoria and South Australia allowing small dogs to travel with their owners on trains, trams and buses in a suitable animal container and larger dogs to travel with their owners on trains, as long as they're on a lead and wearing a muzzle, New South Wales’s requirements are falling behind.

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Kip provides doggy day care and pet boarding services and is committed to providing pets the best quality care and enrichment. Their day care centres are designed to offer dogs socialisation in a safe, enriching and fun environment. Their pet boarding centres are focused on replicating quality care pets get at home. It’s doggy day care and pet boarding with a difference — with loads of enrichment activities under the guidance of their highly-trained staff.

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MEDIA RELEASE, 1st December 2022

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