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Petstock Foundation thanks Aussies for adopting pets in need

Over 950 pets found their forever home in March 2024 during National Pet Adoption Month

The Petstock Foundation celebrates the 961 pets who found their forever home across the country during National Pet Adoption Month (NPAM), an increase on last year’s adoption results. 

NPAM is an initiative that helps find loving homes for rescue pets in need of adoption or fostering: whether it’s a dog, cat, guinea pig, or even a bird.
“We want to thank the incredible pet parents who opened their hearts and their homes to rescue animals this month.” says Jessica CurtisPetstock Foundation Strategic Manager.
Each year, we’re inspired by the generosity of Australians who take action during National Pet Adoption Month, and find a pet in need to love. Pets provide us with companionship, emotional support and are seen as family, and we believe pets and people truly are better together. 

Even if you weren’t able to adopt or foster during March, we still encourage those looking for a pet to reach out to their local Petstock store or rescue group for more information, or donate to the Petstock Foundation to support rescue groups across Australia.”

This year, out of the 961 pets that were adopted, 823 of those were cats followed by 19 dogs, 42 rabbits, 39 guinea pigs and 5 birds. Victoria and Tasmania saw the highest number of adoptions with 241 pets finding their forever home followed by 146 in Queensland, 148 in South Australia, 138 in Western Australia and 109 in New South Wales & ACT.

The decision to adopt can come from the most unlikely sources and Liam House knows this best. Already owning one cat and sparked during Petstock’s 2022 National Pet Adoption Month, Liam and his partner contemplated adding to their family and upon browsing rescue websites, they stumbled upon Zym and Rayla, a bonded pair facing adoption challenges. 

Despite their peculiar haircuts, the emotional connection with this pair was undeniable, "Zym and Rayla became an integral part of our family from the moment we brought them home. Their affectionate behaviour during our first meeting assured us that they were the ones."

Zym and Rayla seamlessly integrated into Liam's daily routines, bringing joy and a reassuring presence. Liam emphasised, "The transformative impact they've had on my life within those initial minutes, despite their unconventional appearance which they have grown out of, solidifies the decision to adopt as invaluable and rewarding, creating a home filled with warmth and companionship." 

Adopting Zym and Rayla wasn't just a choice: it was an enriching journey that transformed a house into a home, filled with the love and laughter that only rescued pets can bring.

Over the past 10 years, the Petstock Foundation's National Pet Adoption Month has helped find loving homes for close to 41,000 rescue pets across Australia and New Zealand, but there are still more animals in need of homes. 

There are currently over 9,300 pets at shelters, rescue groups, pounds and vets across Australia awaiting adoption [1], and with the rising costs of everyday expenses, sadly it is predicted that this number will continue to rise.

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[1], accessed 7 December 2023

About the Petstock Foundation

The Petstock Foundation is a registered charity that exists to empower a better future for pets and people. Since its inception in 2007, The Foundation has raised more than $10 million to date and has found homes for close to 41,000 rescue pets. Petstock Foundation is contributed to by the fundraising initiatives of the Petstock Group, donations by business partners and team members as they come together for the pets that inspire them. 100% of funds raised go towards The Foundation to support its charitable partners and projects with all operating costs covered by the business.

About National Pet Adoption Month

The Petstock Foundation is encouraging Australians to support rescue pets this National Pet Adoption Month, the 10th year of the initiative. Unfortunately, thousands of pets enter the rescue cycle each year through no fault of their own. This National Pet Adoption Month, we want people to open their hearts to a pet in need, and in turn experience the positive impact a pet can bring to their everyday life. Pets and people: we’re better together.

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